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  1. So you found a Corvair van. Awesome dude. Good luck with the transport.
  2. Alan: I can get you a brand new 8.5 x 20 enclosed trailer built in Elkhart, Indiana for $6,880.00. John
  3. We sell Curt hitches. They are the nonbrand name with even better quality than Reese and lots more reasonably priced. CURT Manufacturing | Trailer Hitches and Towing Products. Good luck. John
  4. Ed: There are usually a few that show up at the Turkey Rod Run here in Daytona Beach over Thanksgiving weekend and there always seems to be one or two for sale. You should come over and check them out this year.
  5. Dan: I sell Haulmark trailers and they offer a one year roadside assistance plan through customercareclub.com. I would suspect you could get this for your trailer. Best of luck. John
  6. Hi: My name is John and I sell trailers for a living at bestpricetrailers.com. We sell inTech aluminum trailers as well as ATC (Aluminum Trailer Company) trailers. Both trailer companies are located in Nappanee, Indiana and employ mostly Amish assemblers. They both are an excellent trailer for about the same price and I would recommend either one of them if you are looking at a built trailer. The difference between them is when you build a custom trailer. ATC has a staff of engineers on staff who can answer questions and provide solutions on a moments notice. This is extremely helpful when try to "build" a trailer on paper. Additionally, currently, inTech's build time is over 12 weeks while ATC is about 1/2 that. Hope this helps you out.