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  1. It's difficult to believe a vehicle with a seemingly high reputation of being dependable and easy to repair as well as get parts for would not retain its value more so as both a hard top and conversable as well as a 2 seat sport cruiser. I had never heard of this car until recently and after research I am impressed. Never the less you can contact me @ lincolnscott49@aol.com should you sell yours and find an interest.
  2. Unless you want two. You will always have parts. But this one is the mitsubishi v 6 engine and not turbo charged .
  3. There is a 1991 Red Chrysler Maserati Touring Car with 36K original miles on it:eek: in Florida . It needs a little bit of TLC but you will not find one cheaper anywhere. The asking price is $1000.:eek: It needs paint as the clear coat is fading a bit on the hood , a new fuel pump and most likely new tires as the tires on it now are what came with it new. :eek: Other than that it is in reasonably good shape . Contact if interested and I will put you with the seller. and send photos.
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