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  1. Thank You Marty.....Between the 10 years of my restoration to 5 years of climbing the AACA Ladder it has all been very Worth While, looking forward to going as far as possible with AACA & VCCA in the future....:)
  2. I hope my opinion will help you answer your original post A Griffin... I started attending my first AACA show in 2016 with my 56 Chevy truck not knowing other than what the judging manual says about what I can expect the judges to look for, I thought I covered most of my restoration to as how the truck came from the factory, I went in with the hope of my truck being restored by me being able to what I call ( The AACA POINTS Ladder) to climb, the first step I was able to step on the (1st Junior), I had some issues to change but if I wanted to climb the next step to the (SENIOR AWARD), I had to change some issues that the judges found to be incorrect, so I changed them and got to the next step (Senior award), there was even a few more issues judges found I had to correct so I could get to the next step the (Grand National Award), there was no more changes that AACA Judging found but I still changed a few NOS items that made myself happier, the next step was the ( Senior Grand National) I made that step :), my next step this year is to get a ( Repeat Senior Grand National) Hopefully the Virus won't get in the way....I'm very grateful that our truck has climbed the AACA ladder so far, as West quoted ( The Vehicle is the trophy) I believe in that 100% The Awards that are given by AACA are there way I believe to show and document thru Judging to get you closer to that ORIGINAL FROM THE FACTORY RESTORATION, I didn't expect ANYTHING going into my first show with AACA but POINTS & AWARDS that I have been given by AACA & VCCA are proudly displayed in my ( Garage Museum) that shows the respect of the Judges for all my effort into our restoration.... To add to that RESPECT our 56 chevy truck was displayed in each clubs Magazine the past few years, another step on the Ladder.... From what I've seen at local shows, it wouldn't even come close to the caliber at an AACA or VCCA show event....plus I'm still trying to climb the AACA, VCCA clubs ladder that helps us PRESERVE our restoration for others to see at there future events, ( In my lifetime I will not do another restoration), It is a Great feeling when other members that are showing there Beautiful vehicles at the AACA or VCCA comment on our 56 Chevy truck, because they understand what it takes to do a restoration on there own, (I do the same same with other members vehicles), plus we have met some very Nice people in the years we've shown with AACA & VCCA, Some day down the road I will drive our truck, I will take my truck to our local event just to show (NO TROHPY) No Regrets at ALL with AACA & VCCA even if we wouldn't of made it up the Points ladder.....Hope this help answer your question A Griffin STEVE MAVEAL
  3. Thank you Greg for finding some info on the Bulb, I posted more pics in my original post, I'm wondering what vehicles this bulb would work on........or if any one has seen one on an AACA car in the past...THANKS STEVE M...
  4. I'm hoping someone can help me identify an Old Auto Bulb that is in my collection of auto bulbs, it is in a Mazda edison bulb sleeve but is actually a bit longer than the sleeve, so I'm not sure if it's a mazda bulb... The markings on the bulb are Albers Patent made in usa also has 82-32 cp on the brass end...this is an oddball bulb that I would like to find out what it fits, I believe it's 6 volt...any help would be appreciated...THANKS STEVE M
  5. Our 1956 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup didn't attend any 2020 Shows....Hopefully we can make that up in 2021........:)
  6. Thanks Jim & Marv for the info....I have my usual parts web sights and books and I couldn't find info on these fuel pumps... Marv, I will google these AC numbers...Thanks Hopefully I can find a good home for these pumps....
  7. I have these 3 fuel pumps I wish to ID....Hopefully someone can help...THANKS Steve M The first 2 pics are from an AC pump with the number 9415 on the flange.. The next 3 pics are from an AC pump with 1812 on the flange... The next 2 pics are from an AC pump with 1523770 on the flange... the last pic is all 3 pumps
  8. Thank you for spending the time to look them up, I have books and CD's and I couldn't find that part number...STEVE M
  9. 2 3/4 long by 1 inch wide each end, hole is 1 inch largest diameter to 15/16 smallest diameter, total width outside hole 1 1/4 , 3/8 thick
  10. I'm going thru some parts to sell and I was wondering if anyone can help Identify these 2 Mouldings I have GM part number 4114232 So far I believe they are from the early 40's......Thanks SM
  11. I was at the Henry Ford Museum a few weeks ago, here are a couple of pictures I got...…....STEVE M
  12. 1st picture of my wife and I with the 56 back in 2016, 2nd picture is at the 2019 Auburn Indiana Grand National, 3rd picture of the truck in front of it's garage. We are also Very Very Happy that we made it in next years AACA Calendar...:) STEVE & TERRI MAVEAL
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