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  1. I don't know if this is the kind of information that you want , but there is a company that makes an electric wiper conversion that supposedly fits under the dash of a 1940-1948 Lincoln and bolts to the original mounting brackets. If this would serve your purposes the company is New Port Engineering. Their address is 2760 Newport Road in Washington , MO 63090. Telephone number 800-829-1929. They ask $209.95 for a 2 speed , intermittent ,self parking wiper motor. They do sell a power inverter if you have and want to keep a 6 volt system. I hope this helps. I think an original equipment electric motor would be close to impossible to find, unless by chance Jim zephyr has one.
  2. Hi Kathleen, I have a 1948 Lincoln Club Coupe. Neither door will stay latched. The mechanism in both doors seems to be just worn out. I have considered installing bear claw latches but I am afraid that they will not work properly with the inside push buttons that operate the doors. I think my best solution may be NOS door latches. Are parts like that among the treasures in your garage? Please contact me, Cliff Johnson,
  3. Thanks for asking peecher. I should have included that information in my original post. My car and the original engine in it is a late 1948. So I guess I am looking for a late water pump.
  4. I recently acquired a rebuilt V12 Water Pump and a NOS V12 water pump that I wanted to have on hand in the event of problems with the original pumps that I do not want to part with. Unfortunately both of my new acquisitions are pumps for the passenger side. I need one for the driver's side. Does anyone have an extra laying about? I am hoping for a pump in reasonably good shape but rebuildable would be fine. I am also hoping for a decent price. Cliff J
  5. Do you have any idea what shipping would cost to send to Bakersfield California? Assuming that you still have the parts.
  6. Hi George , I think that I saw a bunch of photos taken by a lady depicting some of your postwar Lincoln chrome and sheetmetal. I have been trying to decide when it might be appropriate to call you about the parts you have given the time differential. I am definately interested in the bumper parts you have and lower grilles if you have them. The turn signal housings that you have ( the end of the lower grilles) look very nice. I would like to know what price you are asking for these items of brightwork. Hopefully we can come to an agreement. I am Cliff Johnson, I live at 5311 Eastcove Court , Bakersfield CA 93306 my email address is I hope to hear from you soon
  7. Hi Waldren , I am sorry I have not previously replied to your message about the front bumper that you are willing to let go. I think I may have something of one of your purchases on this board. I wish I could help you with your efforts to locate bumpers for your 1942 but I think those cars and their spares must be very rare indeed. One place where you may possibly find what you are looking for is Merv Adkins at 9655 Hidden Farm Road in Rancho Cucamonga CA 91737 (909) 980-1332. He has a lot of stuff. I am interested in the front bumper that you have and I would like very much to know your price and to see a picture or two if possible I am Cliff Johnson, I live in Bakersfield CA , my email address is I hope to hear from you again soon.
  8. Hi NWclassic Thank you for your response I would like very much to see pictures of the the bumper parts you have. I believe that the guards and bumper ends, the rear bumper center piece and the blades that I have will probably be fine when rechromed. The main problem that I have are dents and rust on the bumpers themselves. I did not mention the grille in my parts wanted post, but since you mentioned it I am in need of the lower grille on both sides due to being broken adjacent to the bumper guards. If your lower grille components are unbroken I am interested. As I say I would like to see pictures. I would also like to know what you are asking. Thank You Cliff Johnson
  9. I am looking for bumpers for my 1948 Lincoln Club Coupe. I am not expecting perfection. I hope to locate bumpers that can be rechromed without too much difficulty and will look good. I am also hoping for a reasonable price.
  10. I'm just looking for something simple. Anyone have some trunk hinges for the outside of a 1946-48 Lincoln club coupe that time has not destroyed? I am not looking for perfection . I understand that they will have to be replated. If you have you can contact me at 661-871-3708 or email Thanks Cliff Johnson
  11. Hi I appreciate your post about cylinder heads for the Lincoln V12. I am definately interested in acquiring finned cylinder heads for my 1948 Club Coupe. But having read some of the cautionary tales of other responders I am a little leery of being ripped off. I would like to be kept up to date with developments on the finned head front and I am interested in the purchase of same whether from the folks at Empire in Texas or Kearney in San Jose Calif. I think that the idea of a group purchase might effect some savings for all participants. Again Thanks. Cliff j. Cliff Johnson in California.
  12. Hi I am looking for 1948 Lincoln bumpers. Are yours still available? Let me know, maybe we can work something out. Cliff Johnson