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  1. some times it will shout off at 50 60 miles per hour. but will start back up it's a 90? 170000. mi. it's like you turn the key off and right back on. and some times it stays off and you have to restart. and this is while you are driving. if you push it real hard.it will shout off and on. not like a miss not a back fire. like turning the key off and on. when you pull up to a stop sing it will shudder and shout off if you don't rev to 15. Thanks.
  2. after reading this I don't know if want to be here. it's kind of a don't you know who I am deal. and I don't care. I am on this site because I like reading a bought reattas the good the bad.
  3. I am Bill Abraham have been on here before. I sold (traded) my 90 reatta convert for a 1956 4dr cad hard top. sold that. bought a 1950 Merc. Kustom. still have. bought a 89 Reatta coupe. sold that. now have a 1990 coupe. a real better.
  4. 1 still have it? I would have to ship it to Gobles Michigan. $1000.00 + shipping. call 269-673-2725 Bill
  5. some one said they were at the reatta meet in south bend,? I will the 2013 calender. thanks. Bill
  6. Thanks for the help. sorry for being such a pain in the A&& but I would to go a few shows. I missed South Bend IN, any way THANKS Billystoy
  7. I'm back still no number missed a few shows, I think I'll stick with the street rodders NSRA they like green,
  8. How many more just say to hell with it?? Billystoy Gobles Mi
  9. Yes and I called. no ancer, Now what, maybe I'll just save my money, I need the number for the reatta club?
  10. Having a hard time joing the Buick I have done it twice, frist time I herd nothing, next it said card would not process, I called the number, ansering machine, now what? Bill
  11. OK Barney heres two more, 1989 COUPE RED GRAY INT. VIN 1G4EC11C9KB901172. 1990 CONVERTIBLE WHITE TOP MAROUNE INT.cd player VIN 1G4EC33C9LB906656
  12. front and rear 1989 the headlights go on but the doors don't have power. thanks Barney
  13. Don't work don't know were to start. can it be the head light swich i'm lost
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