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  1. I am Bill Abraham have been on here before. I sold (traded) my 90 reatta convert for a 1956 4dr cad hard top. sold that. bought a 1950 Merc. Kustom. still have. bought a 89 Reatta coupe. sold that. now have a 1990 coupe. a real better.
  2. some one said they were at the reatta meet in south bend,? I will the 2013 calender. thanks. Bill
  3. Thanks for the help. sorry for being such a pain in the A&& but I would to go a few shows. I missed South Bend IN, any way THANKS Billystoy
  4. I'm back still no number missed a few shows, I think I'll stick with the street rodders NSRA they like green,
  5. How many more just say to hell with it?? Billystoy Gobles Mi
  6. Yes and I called. no ancer, Now what, maybe I'll just save my money, I need the number for the reatta club?
  7. Having a hard time joing the Buick I have done it twice, frist time I herd nothing, next it said card would not process, I called the number, ansering machine, now what? Bill
  8. OK Barney heres two more, 1989 COUPE RED GRAY INT. VIN 1G4EC11C9KB901172. 1990 CONVERTIBLE WHITE TOP MAROUNE INT.cd player VIN 1G4EC33C9LB906656
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