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  1. That is what I have resorted to doing. It has certainly been a challenge but I will get get there...eventually. Thanks
  2. I have a '40 and after pulling those spark plug wires, I am not sure I want to do that again!
  3. I have the spark plug wires in through the tube where they should be. That in itself was a chore. What I am referring to is the harness wires that run to the generator, coil, and the temperature gauge. That's were I am seem to be out of room.
  4. I have my spark plug wires run through the tubes and properly connected to the distributor caps. Now I have to get that thick set of engine wires through the left spark plug tube and out the proper holes and its tight in there. Any suggestions on this feat would be most appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks for all of the advice on this. The radiator is in, fan belt, on, fan re-installed and hoses secured!
  6. Thanks for the reply. I located the bolts that you referred to. Actually, I had messed with them during the process of trying to figure this out, but thought that they were related to the damper and not the fan. I have removed the 3 bolts and then roughly pulled the fan off. Once the bolts were off, it only took me 3 minutes to remove the fan blades. Thank you. Next up is the install. I'll keep you posted.
  7. I wonder if I can get a bit of advice. I have a '40 LC and I have recently re-installed the v-12 engine. Now I am trying to fit the radiator in place and I find that I do not have enough clearance when bringing it in over the top of the engine. The fan blades are in the way. I am not sure if I remove the fan blades, that there will be enough room in there to re-install them after the radiator is installed. To add to my bewilderment, I re-installed the fan blades after repainting them about 6 years ago while the engine was on a stand and I can not remember how I did it....that must have something to do with my hair getting whiter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I am looking for a left grille for my 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Continental restoration. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mike Markin carsmdm@gmail.com 715-829-7733
  9. For sale is a Stromberg EX-32 downdraft 1-barrel carburetor. 1 5/16 venturi, P17103 on body, 2 15/16 center to center on the mounting. Carb was used on a wide variety of applications as a factory and replacement unit. Carb has been refreshed and in a box for several years. Asking $475.
  10. For sale: 1934 -1935 Hupmobile Model J Running Boards – #1 Show quality boards. Authentic running board restoration, vulcanized rubber and stainless steel trim, built to original specs. For more details and photos contact Mike Markin 715-829-7733 email: carsmdm@gmail.com Asking: $4,000.
  11. Leif - thanks I'll check them out. Mark - that sounds great - how do I best reach you? Larry - I picked up nearly complete in Memphis about 3 years ago and am finally finishing it. Your car look great. Mike
  12. I am putting together a puzzle - the final touches on a 23 model 54 (6 cylinder). I am in need of a coil for the car and bulbs for: head lights, side lights, and cowl light. Can some one tell me where I might find a repalcement coil and the proper bulbs? Thanks Mike Markin
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