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  1. 1920 Buick K-44 Roadster
  2. looking for any under hood photos wiring diagrams or any literature for this car parts
  3. its gotta be late 20's early 30's
  4. Thanks again I'm gonna look into that .. I have so much work to do on this car it's overwhelming ... I'm used to working on all new cars which believe it or not seems easy to me in comparison to this project thanks again - jerred
  5. thanks john its funny i just did a google search myself and looked at the same picture -jerred
  6. maybe a stupid question but can anyone tell me if my car is supposed to have a tail light ? theres no signs that my car has ever had one thanks guys
  7. im a younger painter (40) i would love to get some nitrocellulose lacquer for my roadster would you happen to know off hand what are proper colors for a 1920 buick see this is my first "antique car" and really don't know what is right for a car of this period that is not a "hot rod" thanks for your help
  8. well bill any help is good help i have no clue what model this roadster is ..... the best i could tell you is that it has 2 seats and a six cyl like i said it was given to me its all there i will be doing body and paint work on car soon the engine is done and should start with no problem (i hope) its been a few years since it ran i am guessing it gets leather seats but I'm not really sure the only reason i think this is cause its a roadster with no side windows and the seats would have needed to withstand the elements .any info would really help out thanks -Jerred
  9. being in the paint side of the auto body business i believe that the proper finish can be obtained weather using nitrocellulose lacquer or using modern day waterboure base coat clear coat single stage is nice as well i currently spray standox water bourne base coat on a daily basis however being a "younger painter" if i had to paint with nitrocellulose lacquer to put the absolute proper finish on a car i have no problem doing so remember its not the paint its the guy pulling the trigger (also proper prep work is most important for any ones paint can be sanded and buffed to look like it should
  10. recently given 1920 buick roadster need any possible info on this car have all parts just missing seats how do i know what model this car is? etc
  11. recently been given 1920 roadster have all parts but only have seat frames and springs what should wrap these with? and where can i find correct style material? any and all info about his car would be appreciated