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    My wife, dogs and I moved in from Sneads Ferry to Winston Salem on Tuesday, then from there to Apex today just to be that much closer to home. We have seen recent video and pictures from inside our community showing little property damage from what we were expecting. A few trees and fences down and what I would call minor flooding in lower areas than our home. We count ourselves lucky to have the means to leave, although we are worried about our home and neighborhood we are safe, possessions can be replaced... If you’re praying, send it to those who were not able to leave either because of financial issues, our Military Servicemen and women (Camp Lejeune is just North of us), the repairmen who are rushing in to help (literally hundreds of bucket trucks waiting near Raleigh) and our First Responders who are doing everything possible to keep others safe.
  2. The ad-on looks like a left hand Ruckstell shifter...
  3. Mark Wetherbee

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    About 35 years ago I had a friend with a 1915 Model T Ford Centerdoor, a very scarce style. It sadly had the gas tank under the rear seat which exacerbated the fuel flow issues that the T was famous for. There was a special intake manifold that Ford made in 1915 which was 2” longer to alleviate any complaints and they were only sent to areas that were very hilly or mountainous, a very RARE (and I don’t use that word lightly) item! I was at a tiny car flea in Connecticut where I found a NOS one for $2.00 - a holy grail for the friend who had the car who was so pleased he traded me two beautiful porcelain signs for it and still gave me the $2.00. I felt very guilty but he never failed to mention how much of a difference it made with his car.
  4. Mark Wetherbee

    Is this a real Henry '32 grille shell?

    I am pretty sure that 32 still has a radiator cap which protruded through the top, unless it was welded over I think it is a reproduction
  5. A good friend of mine bought the 1932 Pierce Arrow coupe from the Owls Head Auction and asked me if I knew anyone who could restore its Radiator Mascot. As you can see, it needs a bow and arrow replacement... Does anyone know a reputable company that does that sort of work? Thank you in advance, Mark
  6. I love the rain slicker! Living along the coast I tend to have favorite mascots for my Model T, I’m the guy who has a different one for each day on a tour, and this Mermaid is one I use frequently. She usually draws some comments and there have been many times I have been tempted to get her a bikini top as a joke... It appears that I am not the first to think of such an idea. Thank you again for your suggestions, I passed the link to this thread along to John and I hope he will chime in at some point.
  7. I will forward this thread to John and see if he can add more pictures. I now live a thousand miles away or I would have been bidding against him... Timing really is everything! Thank you for all your replies.
  8. Mark Wetherbee

    Anyone Ever Sell a Car to a Buyer in Sweden?

    Sold an A to Switzerland, he wired the money to my account and then arranged for it to be shipped. I don’t think I would do the work of moving it to the port until the cash was in my bank, that way it cannot become a concern at all...
  9. Mark Wetherbee

    Need help identifying an antique car

    I’m going to take a shot on the make being a Chalmers-Detroit based on the half of emblem showing. Here’s a link to a great reference:
  10. Mark Wetherbee

    Old mystery brackets – purpose and car?

    I think that you have a pair of lantern brackets missing the springs that held the bottom tank in. Most likely American LaFrance
  11. Mark Wetherbee

    Old miniature car identification

    There’s several radiator shells showing up regularly on eBay from one seller. Worth it if you or someone else goes for the car and needs one but shipping is ridiculous... I think they were down south somewhere... Georgia maybe?
  12. I have a set that I made a special bracket and mounted them on top of the spare tire on my Model T, which makes it more visible IMO. I could also move it between my T and the two Model A’s I had. On several occasions I have had a modern car follow me into somewhere and inquire about them. I get around 800 to 1000 miles from a set of batteries. I love them!
  13. Mark Wetherbee

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    More than just cut in half, every part of the water jacket was removed and what looks like copper fins were made and screwed to the cylinder walls. Am impressive amount of work done there!
  14. Mark Wetherbee

    ford t windows?

    No Model T had safety glass, that was an improvement made in 1928 on the As
  15. Mark Wetherbee

    Help identify Ford part

    Yes, it’s a speaker, and most of the radio, too. It was controlled by a cable dial face located on the dashboard and was an option in the mid-1930s. I am thinking '34-36 but someone else will know for sure.
  16. Mark Wetherbee

    1929 Pontiac 6-29 Two-Door Sedan

    I fully agree, but also note that the prices are getting more reasonable as well as the quality and quantity of available cars!
  17. Mark Wetherbee

    ford t windows?

    Ditto, I gave all 9 pieces from my 26 Model T Fordor away to be used as patterns only, it was either that or pay for dumping them. Absolutely unsafe to re-use if they are plate glass!
  18. Mark Wetherbee

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    Owls Head Transportation Museum is working on a Pietenpol which I have looked at several times while volunteering there, it’s what makes me think it’s a T engine and not an A. I’m sure the finned Head was made to convert it to air cooled and is the most interesting part of the engine.
  19. Mark Wetherbee

    f/s Model A airplane engine

    I actually think it started out as a Model T engine, the oil filler tube is bolted on where an A had a filling tube hole cast into the block
  20. Mark Wetherbee

    1920-30s Nash Eemblem... radiator grill shell or ???

    I will go on a limb here, but it looks like a broken then filed down watch fob. Your first picture has a little irregularly above the eagles wings that would have been where the loop for a strap might have been.
  21. Mark Wetherbee

    What Components Were Used In This Toy Speedster?

    The only part I would speculate on is that the steering wheel looks like an earlier Model T Ford flipped up-side-down. I would also think that the wheels are from a bicycle, they look bigger than baby carriage wheels.
  22. Mark Wetherbee

    Cadillac Emblem

    It was mounted on a headlamp rim, I think around 28-29 but someone should be able to give you the exact years.
  23. Mark Wetherbee

    1920s horn button & lever

    28-9 Model A Ford, missing the tube that ran down to the switch at the gearbox
  24. Mark Wetherbee

    Odd tool

    Some parts from a transmission jack is what comes to mind for me... KM was mostly GM, as noted above. I think KRW is the early Ford tool company Auburnseeker was trying to think of.
  25. Mark Wetherbee

    What is it. Non Auto

    How about an awning crank of some sort?