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    1933 Cadillac LaSalle 345C Town Coupe - $39500 (sonoma)

    I am seriously looking for something like this but it is well above my pay grade... A real beautiful car, Thank You for posting it!
  2. Mark Wetherbee

    Film rental

    I got nailed once in a UAW plant.. My company at the time sold custom equipment, I was there to supervise the installation of a manufacturing line and the union did the installing. One day an electrician asked me to hand him a screwdriver and another guy wrote it up. I should have known better but I’m pretty sure it was like a fraternity hazing thing. It’s actually sad to know their BS (like that day) followed by striking caused them all to be unemployed, and we wonder why all these manufacturing jobs are moving to Asia???
  3. Mark Wetherbee

    What have I got? Brass lamp info needed

    I was thinking that it could be for a very fancy oversized pedal car. I have a smaller scale brass headlight from a very early one but it’s not as detailed as your lamp is. Very nice lamp!
  4. Mark Wetherbee


    Tex has it above, but if you want to, hear’s the best looking Cadillac emblem IMHO... it’s the 1915 era V8 badge with too many dots in its crown and white swans instead of black ducks.
  5. Mark Wetherbee

    P.E. Erickson & Son, NY c.1915 Leaf Spring Lubricator

    It is, I mentioned that I changed it to a zerk a few posts earlier, that way I could use a modern grease gun which is a lot quicker than using a cup...
  6. Mark Wetherbee

    P.E. Erickson & Son, NY c.1915 Leaf Spring Lubricator

    Here’s mine, along with a tool you can pack with grease, an then use a hammer to force it into a plugged fitting, that way you can force the dirt and rust in as well... I don’t use it for that reason.
  7. Mark Wetherbee

    P.E. Erickson & Son, NY c.1915 Leaf Spring Lubricator

    Deep down in a box of Model A & T tools I have the exact same tool. Until now it was the only one I knew of... I put a modern zerk in when I use it and it does work well.
  8. Mark Wetherbee

    Steering wheel and column

    I think VintageBen nailed it... I was thinking Chevrolet and the lock looks like what he describes
  9. Mark Wetherbee

    Car on old shipwreck

    Thank you, and a warning for everyone else that once you try the link above you might just keep reading other related stories for quite some time... I know I did but enjoyed every minute
  10. Mark Wetherbee


    Terry is dead on... I put a similar trunk into an Automobillia auction where it sold for $65.00 and I was pleased with that! Good luck, but without having a major automaker badge like Packard, Pierce Arrow, or Rolls Royce, I would not expect much.
  11. Mark Wetherbee

    1931 Buick 97

    Maybe he meant 95% to go...
  12. Mark Wetherbee

    Florida Franklins

    The 29 seems like a good value in the low teens if it runs well, the other will sit for a long time at that price.
  13. Mark Wetherbee

    Recognize this dash panel w/gauges? Automotive?

    Having a tachometer and hour meter I would guess some form of equipment or maybe a boat?? Either way a non road type of vehicle.
  14. Mark Wetherbee

    help identify windshield frame teens? 20's?

    A dead on side view of the mounting will be helpful.
  15. Mark Wetherbee

    Amusing vehicle advertisement

    It’s only amusing until you get excited about a purchase price... Trying to get buyers into a bidding war seems to be the new thing, but after feeling totally screwed by a frequent seller here I guarantee that I won’t ever look at another of his vehicles again, worse still is I tell everyone I know in the hobby about the experience and steer them away from such actions.
  16. Mark Wetherbee

    Hupmobile maybe?

    RCH definitely, you can see the logo on the gas tank inside the spare tire.
  17. Mark Wetherbee

    Just found this at the shop

    Here’s a trinket from the very beginning of Frigidaire, from what I was told, when you bought one of their first electric refrigerators they would engrave one of these sterling medallions with you monogram and attach it to the front. It came from a great uncle of mine who had an appliance store in the 1920’s g
  18. Mark Wetherbee


    I think if you posted those on the Model T Ford Club classifieds you would be shocked at how fast they would move! I sold a pair of hubs in about 15 minutes a few years ago for nearly double your price and good wheels are harder to find. Here’s a link to that page:
  19. I don’t know anything about those years of cars, but if it was mine I’d toss it on eBay with a no reserve price just higher than the scrap price to make up for the pain in the butt aspect of selling that way and hope for the best. Lots of pictures and an honest description here on the foreign car thread should work too. Be better to have someone save it as opposed to scrapping...
  20. Mark Wetherbee

    Horse Tricycle

    I am happy when I can share information that keeps others from being burned, it’s good for the entire hobby as well because it keeps the younger people who are interested from getting discouraged. I still appreciate your taking the time to repost the interesting things that you find, every now and then I see you getting a hard time but there’s always those who will...
  21. Mark Wetherbee

    10 years siting Model A what needs flushing and replaced?

    All good advice! when you get the tank empty I would seriously consider changing the fuel gage gaskets as they drip gas behind the ignition switch if not properly sealed. Also the parts vendors sell a small tube of filtering screen that you install into the fuel shutoff which goes up into your tank, this will keep any residual debris on the bottom of the tank from getting into your fuel line. It helped me with an A which had set for much longer. Good of luck and please let us know how you make out.
  22. Mark Wetherbee

    Horse Tricycle

    A decorative item made in bulk in the early 1990’s These caused so many issues with misrepresentation that every one of the free Antiques papers ran warning articles at that time to reduce the number of fraudulent sales... guess they are making the rounds again.
  23. Mark Wetherbee

    ID on a 1914-18 Headlight

    Many years ago I had a 1924 Special Six Studebaker which had very similar if not exact lights, the liberty lens was the factory used lens. Good luck with them.
  24. Mark Wetherbee

    Ford Cunningham Limousine 1935

    I would love to own such a unique vehicle, but sadly doubt it would be sold at a price that is within a budget...
  25. Mark Wetherbee


    Exactly ZERO... cars are one of the categories that do not earn eBay bucks...