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  1. I am interested. Please contact me if you have a duplicate Chalmers. dwjerg @ gmail.com. Thanks
  2. Thank you for the make and model. And also for the additional pictures and links to the history. I think it is a sharp looking car. It is also similar in design to the 1917 Chalmers speedster that I am attempting to build. Dale
  3. Does anyone know the make of this car. I have noticed it in British hill climb and gathering youtube videos. I clipped these two pictures off of a video, and the video was filmed at Brooklands in the UK in 2017 as near as I can tell. One assumes that it might be British, but could easily be Italian or French. I think it is a great looking car and would like to know the make and a little history. Thanks, Dale
  4. I am working on a Chalmers restoration/build project. I am looking for some guidance as to where I can get new rubber bumpers between the front spring and the frame. The bumper goes in the piece between the u-bolts and covers the bolt going down through the center of the spring. I didn't find anything in the Steel Rubber online. Does anyone have an idea of where to find something like this? It is one piece size is 1 inch in diameter and 1 1/2 inches tall, and the flat part is 1 inch by 1 3/4 inches. I would guess that these could be made out of a piece of rubber. Dale
  5. What program are you using to do this on the computer?
  6. I have started building a 1917 Chalmers speedster from a touring car. I am probably in way over my head, but I will learn. I will have many questions, but only two for this post. My engine looks somewhat green, but does anyone know the proper color for the 1917 Chalmers engine? Regarding the ignition switch key: I see by the parts manual that they sold a key. Did the same key operate all switches, or did one have to modify it to fit a particular switch? Thanks for any input. Dale