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    Born in Denver General Hospital and raised between the tracks in West Denver, meaning Santa Fe, CB&Q, Burlington, Colorado Southern shared tracks about 2 blocks separation from Rio Grande.
    Heavy interest in cars, trucks and trains, pre WW2

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  1. Studebaker, Yes. However until the 15th of April it is in Colorado and we are in Palm Springs area of California. If you are not in a hurry, your call, let me know. gene
  2. 49r bob Part of your electrical problem may be that model is Positve ground battery connection. Also throw away the carbon fibre spark plug and coil wire, buy some stranded copper wires, even if you have to fabricate them. Thats a start before you start throwing money at the problem.
  3. Dgannzz: I have a 1946 Studebaker Express truck Colorado title. My Father inlaw had a wrecking yard, dates from late 50s/60 $ 25.
  4. Rick grab that 36 dodge 4dr insert. It fits like a glove all the holes line up. You will need to remove several metal (for lak of a better term) gutter type metal brackets on the Plymouth and then use a tube of caulk that resembles rubber, as the rubber seal will not fit. I painted mine black Mopar hardtop to resemble cloth. It turned out beautiful and won several Plymouth awards.
  5. Thanks Gregg for the offer. I seldom drink anything alcoholic, and we are so tied up with the many activities At Rancho Casa Blanca Resort, friday evenings with friends for dinner is it. Maybe bump into you at Dr George car show.
  6. Hi Al, Yes I have a pair of 38 Ply bumper guards, they are not nos $ 25. for the pair, the catch we winter near Palm Springs and will not return to Colo till mid April. If you are interested. Gene. I parted a 38 out 30 years ago.
  7. Hi Bassmaster, I'm interested in those "dog dish" caps in the second frame, I know you have offers or a set price option , are they offer or set price? thanks, Gene (that's one L)
  8. Hi 38 Buick. Regarding the transmission I must inquire about the shift stick, can you explain. In particular does it have a lever. Also where are the parts located ? Thanks Gene
  9. Capngrog No each Generator weighs nearly 50 pounds. Most likely from WW2 type planes. I had dreams of a wind generator from plans in a magazine. Carfreak My income level is so low I don't pay taxes (tongue in cheek). I'm trying to "generate" income
  10. I know this is a site for old cars, will somebody steer me to a proper site? these need a new home Thanks, Gene
  11. Dennis do you have additional photos? very nice car. My son has owned a 33 for 40 years and has started the resto. He was a teenager and it bought from a jack leg who installed a 327 and also modified the trunk area. It would assist him in what may be missing. Thanks, Gene Bryson
  12. Yes they were changed, simple procedure. change the backing plates, by drilling new holes, memory problem here, replace either inside race and bearing or the outer. Been running my 38 pickup modified in that fashion and a 49 sedan complete rear for over 50 years. My father inlaws junkyard furnished 15 in 5 lug wheels. The "U" joint is 1/2 forty nine and 1/2 1938.
  13. Wanted 1968 Comet or Montego, hood, decklid, drivers door. Price and location will travel. wheezer
  14. The top insert should be saved, it fits a 1936 Plymouth. I then painted the insert with the "crinkle" paint of the 60's Chrysler hardtops no more leaky roof stained headliner.
  15. OK reread the attachment schedule. This golden swan ornament is beautiful, strip, base and body, stamped 41-49 Buick. My wife won't let me install on our 2015 Buick. (This was in a box found in my Father in Laws Possessions, he owned a "junk yard") The wings are chrome the body gold, the gold is slightly discolored, overall it is in exceptional condition. Interested ? Details. $150.00