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  1. I'm not sure if I am in the right thread to ask this question but any of you guys can recommend a link for hitches? I got this site for not but I would like to compare prices before placing an order online. Thanks...
  2. Thanks... Pics coming soon once I learned how to.
  3. I got this one, just trying to figure it out yet. Curt Roof Mounted Cargo Rack -
  4. I really like it... How can I get one?
  5. Yeah... Right in there... I't's an old bug... i'll try what I can do... maybe find one somewhere.
  6. I got a classic car and my daughter named it Bean's car..its small, plain and simple classic car that's why I want to add some details that is useful and I found out that I could put a roof rack for baggages and my daughter's bike. I checked this link Bike Rack Accessories including Trunk Bike Rack, Truck Bike Rack, Roof Bike Rack, and More. but there's no rack available for my car. Guys any suggestions were can i buy this roof rack..
  7. drive my beetle for 10 minutes to check if the engine still workin..