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  1. as a member of the WOKR you can get the factory prints for the covers. I had mine made by my upholster Mark
  2. No, I have my email on the ad and he originally emailed me. I probably should only rely on PM responses and should edit my ad. Honest people forget that there are bad elements everywhere.
  3. I want to warn all of our fellow antique car enthusiasts that scammers are using our forums to try and rip us off. I have a classified ad posted and a guy from TX contacted me to purchase my goods. We agreed on the price and the shipping costs. The check was supposed to be coming my way. Then I get a text that his secretary issued a check for double the sales price. His story was he was in the hospital caring for his sick mother and his gal screwed up and sent the wrong amount. THIS IS A OVER PAYMENT SCAM. I called him on it and amazingly the check that was supposed to on its way hasn't landed in my mailbox. This dirtbag goes by JAMES EDWARDS and his phone number is 774-247-0675. Apparently the 774 area code is famous for these scammers to use. Be careful my friends.
  4. Mike, I have sent you a PM. Lets get it done.
  5. FOR SALE: 5 brand new 33x4 Firestone NonSkid Tires and tubes for sale. They have never been mounted and 4 are still in the original wrappers. Cost $2370 new, asking $1750. Located in West Chester, PA Call 610-476-7726 or email mwthompson155@gmail.com
  6. I'm getting ready to mount tires on freshly painted rims for my Model 79 Overland wood wheels made by the Standard Wheel Company. These wheels have the rim, inside continuous ring and the outside split ring. Hoping to get advise as to completing this task without destroying the brand new finishes. The inside ring is easy, but I see a challenge for the outside split rim. Looking online, there only seems to be tools or spreaders for the Model T type spit rims which wouldn't seem to help with the style ring the Overland used. After investing more than 100 hours in these wheels in prep and paint any advise, pictures or videos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi 41 Su8, What are you asking for these wheels? Do you have pictures you could send? Thanks, Mark
  8. Thanks for the compliment Curt. Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Mark
  9. I am currently doing an Overland speedster that was made only in 1914 with an estimated production run of 48 to 50 cars. I have had to reproduce some cast parts that where only used on this model. When I looked into having patterns made for the cowl light brackets the cost was shocking. The estimate was $2600 for the two patterns. I decided to take a weekend and do it myself. They turned out very nice, had three pair cast in bronze and reduced the total cost to about $350 per pair. Even though they cost about $350/pair, it was a cost we where happy to spend to get a part that does not exist. Now that I was successful doing the cowl light brackets it gave me confidence to carve patterns for the cars spoon throttle system which also does not exist except in a factory blue print. Also there is personal satisfaction of learning or doing something new. Check out the attached pictures of the patterns and castings.
  10. Steve, check out this site for ideas for your new T project. http://www.nwvs.org/ The T speedster dominates in the photo gallery, but as you go through the 100 or so member's cars there are some cool things that could be incorporated into a T speedster. I especially like the EMF speedster. Mark
  11. Thanks Steve. Overland produced 48,000 cars in '14 and was the second largest manufacture with Ford being #1. The '14 Overland speedster was a one year factory car with a production of 48 to 50 cars. They really didn't have records showing that but that is the general thought. I only know of one factory car known to exist but there may be another one or two. Over the years there have been maybe twenty reproduced speedsters. Attached is a really correct car in MI and also the factory ad for the car As with most of the factory cars, the proportions are right. Some people have described the Overland as the poor mans Mercer because of its looks. Obviously there is no comparison, but it does have a great look. Its a 114" wheel base car and shares fenders, running boards and splash aprons with the roadster. The trunk is actually one that I made out of wood. The original was speedster specific and would be near impossible to find. We built it off of the factory plans. The beautiful thing is all of the factory prints are available for every part. As I move forward I'll post more photos. Mark factory ad.pdf
  12. Thanks for the referrals. These guys look like they do nice work. I'll contact them tomorrow.
  13. Dave, I live in SE Pennsylvania. Honestly these forums make it so easy to ask a question I didn't think to look in Hemmings. I'm also hoping to have a recommendation from someone who has had great success with a service. Thanks for your help.
  14. Can anyone refer me to a good source for gauge face restoration? I have a Gray Davis amp gauge that is tired and I would like it restored. Thanks, Mark
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