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  1. That's one thing I'm considering. For me, those incorrect things are ok. I don't want a rat rod or something highly modified. I don't ever plan to sell the car but like I said, I want to ensure that if something comes up I'm not digging myself out too deep. An update on the member Pat from the Ford Barn. I sent him a PM and he is good friends and neighbor's with the owner. He gave me some info and said the engine rebuild shop Mark had the engine done at is top notch and he has had them do a few of his own engines. Good and bad news because I don't think his neighbor will inspect the ca
  2. Understood. Thanks for the post. I do not take it in a negative way whatsoever. I asked for opinions and wanted all. I don't want to be told things to make me happy if it's not the truth. Not saying people have done that but I want as realistic perspective as possible. I'm definitely going to try and get a Model A eexpert to inspect the car with me. The seller is asking 14,750 on his Craigslist ad. He said it is not firm. There have been other prewar cars I've been interested in for sale over the months but they were all over 100 miles from me. This is the first that's relatively clo
  3. I hadn't thought of that before, if I can find someone who is willing to inspect the car with me that would be great. Anyone want some cases of beer? Are you suggesting to stay away from any wood framed cars? Checking out FB now, thanks for the tip. Not sure if I stated it but this car will be garaged at all times and not be driven in the rain. Plus with the weather here I don't have to worry about salty roads, humidity, etc. I don't mind working on the car at all, in fact it's what I enjoy but I don't want to have to replace half the car from the start either. The Chevelle
  4. Got another reply from the owner in regards to certain questions. Maybe it's just the different era of cars but I never had one owner half this helpful when dealing with the 15 or so Chevelles I viewed before buying mine. At least I don't have the stress of a shady owner. I will of course inspect everything myself, that goes without saying. I've looked at Chevelles that I was told had no bondo or rust but a magnet wouldn't stick to anywhere of the car. With Chevelles, there are key rust points are certain things like the wood framing that need to be thoroughly inspected. Are there any o
  5. Thanks for the post, Terry. Very good info about the wood framing. I will be sure to check that thoroughly. I'm 5'10" at 170 (hope to be 180 by the end of the year lol) so I don't think I'd have a problem fitting but I will definitely make sure it's not an issue. Dwight, thanks for the reply. I understand getting familiar with these cars before hand especially since in the time frame I'm interested in so many changes were made. Before I bought the Chevelle I was looking at all muscle cars from the mid '60s to early '70s. I was basically in the same situation I am now, just differen
  6. Thanks for the post. I do not live in any humidity whatsoever and will also not be driving this car everyday. I have a daily driver so the Chevelle and this car will be simply for fun. CA weather is perfect. I'll try and find some local clubs or something. I had found one previously but it wasn't active and there was no others near me. With a Model A I didn't expect to drive on the freeway and that was originally why I stopped searching for them. However, it's not a requirement anymore to be able to drive on them and the side roads I can take would be more than do able at 40mph or so.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I should have been more specific. I am not too concerned with every last detail being exactly correct. Over time I would like to bring the car back to as original as possible but I do NOT want a rat rod or hot rod. I don't want a car slammed to the ground with a 350 in it. This car will be a fun cruiser, not a 1000 point show car, if that gives you a better idea. My Chevelle has a 454 in it and I get my speed needs out of the way with that so I don't mind putting around. In a car like this that's what I want to do. Like I said, it doesn't have to be perfect but a
  8. Hey guys as some of you may remember I posted a thread asking for help finding my first antique car. I didn't have any knowledge of these cars so began lurking here and reading what I could, taking down notes from threads and things you guys posted in my thread. The thread has been inactive for a while, but not because I have. I still search and read this forum daily. Through your help we figured out what I was interested in (1930 to late '39s) and I was able to narrow my search. Things I really liked in a car: four door with suicides, gullwing hood, detached headlights, large vertical g
  9. Good point but I won't buy before inspecting and I don't want to travel outside of CA. Plus I'm looking for a driver from 1930-1940. If this particular car was the one and only my mind would be much different. I didn't mean to make it seem like that.
  10. I wish you were closer. Just what I'm looking for. Good luck with the sale.
  11. LOL I sent you an e-mail about the car, Rods. I didn't look at the date of the original post. Ignore it.
  12. Check out Team Chevelle, you'll have a much better chance there I'd think. Technical Question & Answer Forum for the Chevrolet Chevelle, Malibu, SS & El Camino
  13. Great explanation, thanks. I wasn't sure if replica was similar to a clone muscle car. A replica is something I most definitely do not want. The only thing it has going for it for my tastes is the look of it but that will only get me so far. I don't mind clone muscle cars but clearly a clone and replica have two totally different meanings and I am not a fan. Appreciate the reply and I definitely don't want a replica. I don't ever plan to sell the Chevelle or whatever prewar car I get but at the same time I know things happen and with that in mind I don't plan to dump a ton of money into
  14. I've been absent for a few days but for good cause. The '70 Chevelle I have finally hit the road for the first time and I drove my first muscle car ever. I had to install and drop the trans three times in two days which was a pain especially with the 135 pound 5 speed. Had to do some tweaking and have been at it constantly these past few days. It was amazing driving it not just because of the power and history of a car like that but because (with help from friends) I did all the work myself and before this had never really touched a wrench before. Needless to say I am very pleased
  15. That sure is a sweet car, Matt. I wish you were closer. My buddy has a '50 Plymouth and it's awesome. I'm really not trying to travel outside CA. You have a lot of cars I wish were closer lol. Thanks for the tips, Auburn. I started taking notes on stuff people had been saying and just scribbled some stuff down from your post. Much appreciated.
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