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  1. Thanks for the info Jpage. The Tank did have another section of tube but that came off during the removal. (It was loose on the tank) I think it was press fit. Amigo.. since you have a filler neck in 1 piece can you tell me if it's something that is rigid? It looks like it might have been free to spin. Maybe a light tig job would bring it together. I'll try to remove the sending unit and see if there is a tube that goes down ... not sure if there would be issues striping and sealing the tank. I have the por 15 kit on my list. Does anyone know if the sending units are serviceable? I suppose it
  2. Wheels of progress turn! Stage 1 - Fuel system I've managed to get a correct carb and new fresh in the box fuel pump. Also pulled the gas tank out. It didn't smell like death... just brown rust colored gas. The tank is pretty good shape. Has some spots where lead has been used to seal some areas but I think I'll try to keep it original. I'm not sure why the fuel delivery line comes out the front of the tank. Anyone? The fuel line looks very pitted. Can anyone say what the correct size should be form the tank to the pump? What's a good place for adding an inline filter? Any tricks/tips in remov
  3. Ok I bought the red manual and am close to getting the blue. Now we wait for the mail. Thanks guys the explanations. Soon I'll be posting pictures of random engine parts!! I love this car!
  4. Hey guys, Is this what you all mean for a "motors" manual? 1935-1942 Motors Auto Repair Manual All along I have been looking for a 36 dodge motor manual.. expecting a specific manual for the exact motor. I think things are clearing up now. If this is it then I'll order it asap.
  5. Guys I have a general question regarding the engine in my '36 D2. .<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> My goal would be to learn as much as I can and hopefully rebuild it myself. (Everything except the machining ) Since these engines have been around for so long could anyone recommend and manuals or other ways to get the knowledge? Thanks<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p>
  6. Why not lose the screws? Are they special??
  7. $440 for a complete system in stainless... I guess thats fair for something US made. I'll add them to my list of vendors. Thanks for the info. Hmm axles near the springs .. makes sense. I haven't taken a good look yet underneath to see what kind of clearances there are but I hope I can get my jack under there. Once it's on stands I'll take some pics. I plan to use Dot-5 but I didn't even consider the assembly fluid... thanks for the head up. For this summer I hope to get some miles on the dodge and start the disassembly fall/winter. Maybe get as far as a rolling chassis for next spring. The 2
  8. wow now that's progress! We aren't ready for that yet. I hope you are taking many photos amigo. Is that the original muffler configuration?
  9. Hey guys! My plan this weekend is to diagnose each wheel cylinder. Hope to have the dodge sitting on 4 stands. Any advice on where to lift and where to place the stand on each corner? I might even remove the master cylinder and take measurements to run new lines. Thanks!
  10. There is a "condensed" master parts list available form vintagemoparts.com. It is labeled item D-11087 on the front cover. 482 page pdf that I can download. Is this parts list to get? Or tis there something more specific to the '36 or an "uncondensed" version. Thats a great looking heat shield. Is it original or a reproduction? (It looks simple enough to reproduce. )
  11. So here is my fuel pump. It very close to the (much cleaner) one posted earlier by 1936D2. I suppose if I clean it up it will look better but I doubt I'll get it looking like new. Are these findable as NOS? (another one added to the shopping list!)
  12. jpage, any chance you can take a pic of the manual or actual part in the car so I have a better idea of what you mean exactly. (I'm not sure I know what the "riser shaft" is.. or spring or counter weight) Thanks for all the part numbers. (I just checked NAPA online and the wheel cylinders are 69.99 when returning the core) Is there any value in keeping the old core parts? (i.e. does the original add value to a rebuilt car?) I'm guessing no. Shoot some pics of the carb and generator you have. (I think I would be interested.) Is the generator restorable? Does anyone make new plates for them? I'l
  13. Excellent photos 1936 D2.. I was wondering what the correct items looked like. Here is the best I can do with a carb photo that has info. It's pretty rusty but it is a Stromberg of some sort. (I see a 4 in the photo so it might be a BXOV-4) The plates are in decent shape but the MA RMV requirement states "original" condition I believe. ( I take that to mean no restorations.. I will check on this when I go get a title) It's interesting that the generator isn't original either. I guess I have to make a shopping list. If I find a correct generator or starter can I assume I can find someone to rec
  14. Amigo, I certainly know the ebay game. I have an old moto that I'm still trying to find parts for. I do however had 3 gas tanks. Each time cheaper and better looking then the previous. I guess my first order buisness is to get the manuals and see what the car should have vs. what it has.
  15. Correction... I did find the serial # plate. It was hidden under grime and tape. (The passenger side door only opens a few inches... it's tight in my garage) So what can you guys tell me from that?
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