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  1. I need a little help please. During a re-trim I have lost all the door handle retaining screws. Front and rear doors. I have no idea what diameter they are or how long they are. What is the form of the screw thread and what does the head look like? I'm not really sure where they fit either.....I think I can feel the screw holes through the new vinyl. Do they have a cup washer under them? If anyone knows or can take them out, measure them and maybe post some pictures of the screws and where they fit it would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks again for the comments gentlemen. Indeed I dragged the car out of a barn about 18 months ago. The brakes were locked up and the master cylinder lid was so seized that it broke trying to get it undone. So I gave the brakes a full service and changed the master cylinder for a newly rebuilt one that I got from a supplier in the USA. I didn't change the shoes as they were almost new in terms of lining thickness and not at all contaminated with oil or brake fluid. I gave them a clean and reused them. As you say indeed the fully maintained and serviced brakes work fine As well as can be expected for a 60 year old car with manual brakes. What I am trying to achieve is an increased level of safety along with improved feel from the brakes so my wife feels more confident driving the car. Here's a thing........... I did have that elusive, never heard of brake failure.....the new master cylinder failed after 30 miles of use. Driving into town the pedal started to feel strange and then went to the floor. Luckily I was going slowly and with use of the parking / emergency brake I drove to a parking lot without incident. When I stripped the master cylinder I found the main seal ripped to pieces...... Looks like on polishing the bore the rebuilder created a sharp edge on the fluid port and this ripped the seal. So I junked the entire thing and rebuilt the original myself with a set of seals from Cars Inc. and it works 100% fine. I fully agree with the comments that there are a lot of poor conversions out there. For successful changes and upgrades we need to understand the relationship between pedal ratio, pedal movement, the subjective thing we call feel and the pressure / volume characteristics of braking systems. I will keep investigating and let you know where I get to, what decision I come to, and if I do make any changes what they are and how they work out. Thanks again for your comments gents.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. You're right the current brakes work okay as far as they go. Issues are they are manual and require quite some effort to stop the car. My good lady finds this disconcerting when she is used to driving a modern car most of the time. Second, and I know this does tend to be contentious with restoration guys, they are single circuit and this isn't as safe as dual circuit. Grey car has power brakes, '59 is a one year booster design, sits under the floor and is nothing like a regular booster unit. The pedal set up is different from manual brakes and the boosters are hard to get and rebuild, especially from the UK. So changing to that design is not really a good option and the effort wouldn't solve the single circuit issue for me either. Thanks again guys. I'll keep investigating and thinking about it. FYI I have talked to Master Power Brakes, and they don't have a standard conversion because of the '59 single year design issue. They do for '60 onwards. For my '59 they recommended a complete new custom pedal assembly, 8" booster and 1-1/8" Corvette dual master cylinder. Means quite big firewall and mounting modifications for the pedal assembly......not really liking that. Thanks again gents, I will keep thinking and investigating..
  4. Hello form merry old England........... I have a '59 with manual brakes......the convertible........ I hear a lot about conversion to dual circuit and also adding a booster. But have never actually seen definitive details of what people have done. Either manual dual circuit or dual circuit with a booster. Please does anyone have details of a real actual conversion they have done? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jon