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  1. I agree with keith_l, all the "styling" is in the rear piller and rear glass. (keith_l is also me by the way, this forum is "quirky")
  2. Edit: Sorry, my bad. It was actually fuse 2, not 17. I removed the fuse a week ago and forgot which one it was and put it back in the wrong location. Replaced blown fuse number 2 and now all is working. thanks. My door locks and mirrors stopped working. I found fuse 17 had blown, I replaced it and both still do not work. Ideas? Something shorted to make my fuse blow? Thanks
  3. I used mine to save wear and tear on raising and lowering the top, protect my interior from the sun, and the interior was cooler than if I had the top up.
  4. I used this for my boxster and recommend it. The only issue was there was some glue used to make the tabs that fit in the trunk that melted in the hot sun and was hard to get off the car, no damage though.
  5. I would describe the way my headlights lower as slightly violent. There is a clunk.
  6. Be careful with the cassette adaptor, with that little cable sticking out those things can get stuck really easy. You might consider a radio signal type adapter.
  7. "This car looks just the way that it did when it was sold new in 1989 with the exception of the normal wear that you would expect on a car that has obviously been well cared for but actually driven." What? The car would look like this if it was used when it was sold new. Ok.
  8. Not a texting fan either...I guess the next progression "up" from texting will be morse code.
  9. That's a pet-peeve of mine too, but I try to take into account that English isn't everybody's first language. I have no patience for an American who cannot/does not speak correctly or doesn't even care about communicating effectively, but if it's someone who has just arrived in this country I can give them some slack. I would imagine that is the case in the email you received.
  10. Yes. I remember trying to look that up only to find out it didn't really mean anything. Now-a-days it's Nappa leather.
  11. I'm not sure what you are disagreeing with. The main reason they didn't sell a lot of them when they were new was the fact they were expensive for a GM car; now they are a relative bargain for what you get. All I'm saying is it's a nice car for the money.
  12. and one of the great things about our cars is you can do a lot of the work on them yourself.
  13. The leather on my Reatta has held up and shows better than any car I've had.
  14. Because when they were new they were very expensive, now it's a whole lotta car for the money.
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