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  1. Hi, I live in the Detroit area and I need a gas tank, sending unit, straps, etc for my 1969 Delta 88 Custom. New or used, does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks..
  2. Hi, I have what seems like an open curcit in my Delta 88 whenever I allow it to sit a few days between starting the battery runs down. I do not know if there is a corrolation but my fuel sending unit and my clock also do not work. Last month while I was working on the clock I shorted out the fuse and during the time the fuse was out the battery held its charge. Any assistance on how I can find the problem? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am trying to locate a new fuel sending unit for a 1969 Delta 88 Custom. If I have to have a new gas tank to go along with it, I am willing to get it also. If it is in the Detroit area I am willing to go and pick it up. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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