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  1. The folklore was you could balance a nickel on the hood ornament of a running Marmon Sixteen - but this earlier balancing effort seems a little more spectacular!
  2. Looks like the Hudson Dealer's neighborhood was pretty old even back in 1935!
  3. And an early straight 8 Packard Phaeton - looks like with some sort of tonneau windshield in the back - up on the Richfield gas station lift, Los Angeles, sometime in the 20's.
  4. Al Jolson Drives an American Austin somewhere in Los Angeles
  5. Here's a 1930 Buick loading on a railcar. Check out the outfits on the two ladies, and think about how much easier it is to ship a car cross country now!
  6. Here's a Nice L-29 Cord, with positive photo dating from before the invention of Bleche-wite tire cleaner!
  7. Here's a Cadillac Executive and a famous athlete in a Cadillac Convertible, in a photo taken by the GM photographic section. Who are they?
  8. Happy 4th of July - and keep those fire extinguishers handy! Here's the aftermath of the 1929 LA Auto show fire. Extra Credit if you can find the Auburn Cabin Speedster without referring to the June, 1975 issue of "The Classic Car" magazine, the CCCA quarterly! The tall building with the peaked roof still stands just south of the 10 freeway in downtown LA.
  9. And the service area - also looks like the newest thing being worked on is an early straight eight car, off to the right. And some much earlier cars, possibly twin six to the left.
  10. The photographer was in Evanston Illinois - is this the Evanston Packard Dealer? Looks like first or second series cars in the window.
  11. Here's a great looking Franklin 12. The Japanese book " America Classic Cars" published in 1961 had this exact picture, and identified it as a LeBaron body. That book is full of great original pictures of big Classic Cars.
  12. And as long as the Packard Clipper theme is going, here's a '47 Custom Super 8 Club sedan. Photo taken in 1947. Grandma bought the car brand new! And still in the family today.
  13. Packards at the used car lot. Behind a chain link fence. High end marketing!
  14. This just in - The Harrah's Reno Tour ( for old cars ) in 1960, looks like the banquet at Lake Tahoe . Check out the antique-y outfits on the people. And the famous Lincoln collector on the label.
  15. Hi Everyone - Steve Snyder here, From the Vault Classic Cars. And a shout-out to Przemek and some of my new friends from the AACA "Stress" forum https://forums.aaca.org/topic/341211-period-images-to-relieve-some-of-the-stress/". Here's my answer to some of the questions about this Stutz: Hi - OK we DO HAVE THE DETROIT GEAR TRANSMISSION AND BELLHOUSING, photo attached. Handbrake lever is not on the transmission, so that's not included. Water pump and flywheel are there, photo attached. Partial clutch is included. We have a master cylinder, it looks like the car was converted to Lockheed hydraulic brakes based on the pic of the front brake with a hydraulic type hose. We have the master cylinder that came with the car. Not sure on the light switch. lets assume no light switch. I haven't seen the splash pans. the engine number is 85103, which fits right in the range shown for 26-27 in "The Splendid Stutz" book.The Starter and Generator are also included I don't have photos yet but the restoration shop will send them to me. "
  16. Not everybody was living large in the 1950's !
  17. The Mayfield Car Company in Burbank, CA. There are recognizable cars that now exist in major collections! The DuPont is an obvious one. I think this was taken sometime in the 1950's. Set the Flux Capacitor to 1955 and buy up the whole lot at full price!
  18. The location is 3355 Wilshire Blvd, in Los Angeles. It's directly across the street from the Ambassador hotel, which was the site of the 1985 Pacific Auto Rentals auction, and many of the "Le Cercle" concours d'Elegance events of the 1970's and up through the 1980's. Not sure of the occasion other than "Pre-Freeway L.A. Traffic" ! And, here's way more than anyone needs to know about that Apartment/Hotel ! https://www.kcet.org/history-society/the-gaylord-apartments-luxury-socialism-and-l-a-s-first-failed-co-op
  19. The 50's parade photo below came from the Cadillac PR director in 1972, in response to a request for pictures of Cadillacs with celebrities. They had captions stapled to them, and I couldn't figure out why they captioned this parade with TR, who surely did not make it all the way to the early 1950's! And, the TR photo of Dave's wasn't included in the package!
  20. The poor sales manager is forced to put up with tire kickers - and tire grabbers! The tire grabber is actually a B-lister, and can be seen in a supporting role many years later in "The man who shot Liberty Valance". Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out which character he played!
  21. The FABULOUS yet sadly now gone Indy 500 Motel - very likely taken for the 1969 CCCA "Speedway to Bluegrass" Caravan.
  22. 1928 Marmon "Pacemaker". Indiana 1928 plates.
  23. Today's Indy Race teams and support equipment have changed from 5 guys and a Flatbed Ford AA truck!
  24. Here's to the Indy 500 Back in business! Tony Gulotta - I think a DePaolo protege - from 1933 would surely approve!
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