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  1. This is a Rolls Royce Factory photo - with a label on the back "PII Sedanca-de-Ville by Windover. That's a pretty flashy design, with aero fenders, individual step plates, and those 3 chrome strips. Are we sure it's a Windover? looks French to me .
  2. Here's a Rolls Ghost Town Car, taken in Exposition Park in Los Angeles in 1930. Rear brake only car, - pre 1925 - so Thurston Howell the first must have been having a lean few years! Could that be him in the impossible social situation of driving his own car? Lovey! Bring me a cocktail! Drat this Prohibition!
  3. Greetings from Hollywood, CA. Looks like a movie still but I must have missed it at the theater!
  4. Looks like a '31 or '32 Auburn with some sort of Tri-Motor aircraft in the background! Riding in style on land and in the air!
  5. Here's a promo from a 1934 movie. The Cadillac 16 looks like a few years old by then! One of the 2 top billed stars is visible.
  6. How about a 1929 Stutz Blackhawk Service car - with '29 Dealer plate and Charles J Neeland dealership script on the door.
  7. Wow look at this early race car. I have no idea what it is - is that a side mounted radiator or is it a steam car? The photo was taken by a New York photography studio, but no other clues as to the car type.
  8. The folklore was you could balance a nickel on the hood ornament of a running Marmon Sixteen - but this earlier balancing effort seems a little more spectacular!
  9. Looks like the Hudson Dealer's neighborhood was pretty old even back in 1935!
  10. And an early straight 8 Packard Phaeton - looks like with some sort of tonneau windshield in the back - up on the Richfield gas station lift, Los Angeles, sometime in the 20's.
  11. Al Jolson Drives an American Austin somewhere in Los Angeles
  12. Here's a 1930 Buick loading on a railcar. Check out the outfits on the two ladies, and think about how much easier it is to ship a car cross country now!
  13. Here's a Nice L-29 Cord, with positive photo dating from before the invention of Bleche-wite tire cleaner!
  14. Here's a Cadillac Executive and a famous athlete in a Cadillac Convertible, in a photo taken by the GM photographic section. Who are they?
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