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  1. You have a long road a head of you. I do have a picture of Kansas Flash>> Madsen Gregory, Ben Harris, Kimberly and Tony Paravono at the Golden gate race,winners circle >> picture era 52-53 I think. Not sure of what C type he was driving. Sebring, try and get a hold of Mike Arnolt, his father owned one of the Towers their. Ben Harris hosted, sanctioned and Officiated the SCCA race in Lawrencville. I have 32 years of research on the SCCA , Ben was a key Figure in building it to a National level. Have some Kodak movie film from 52-54, may have some C types in it. I know Sir Malcolm Campbell's special order Lemans Bugatti is in it, and the Maserati that won indy. Your journey is starting, do you own the car? John
  2. Douglas, I have an: original; jack stalk, original AJA foot stand base, original jack ratchet, original jack handle . No bumper spoon. John Nebo Illinois, 217-734-9400 $375.00 and they are of good quality, no deep rust pits, bends etc, ratchet operates smoothly. I also have the trunk floor bracket that swings up to lock spair/wheel into well.
  3. This is not the 1935 Speedster. Many race cars copied many basics of ben's Creation through the decades. I don't think I made an error, but if I did, sorry ! Regards, John
  4. in my 32 years of racing research regarding Ben, I have never ran into a more accomplished champion race driver than Tazio.. His championships and wins through years of racing, are un surpassed to my best knowledge. He won in the US also. The Great, Tazio Nuvlari.
  5. Old Motor magazine 1912 National They look pretty intense.
  6. CAN YOU IMAGINE GOING DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE FIRST WINNER OF A F.I.A. RACE. Giuseppe Farina was F1's first world champion © FISHER/CENTRAL PRESS/GETTY IMAGES 1950 ? SILVERSTONE TRACK Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).
  8. Greg, Please keep me informed, will see if I can find a way to ID the pic above. The earlier races, SCCA was founded back east in late 1944. Even if they are AAA, I would still be interested. Padget If I am not mistaken, thats the SLR, or something like that? The other pic, a flooded SEBRING race? Thanks to both you guys, for chiming in. This could be a really cool thread. AS< MOST cars through the decades had racing counter parts
  9. Located in Illinois, forgot to mention. Please let me know when you can get them legible for viewing. I see one box says chanute, very interesting. Thanks, John
  10. Greg, Thanks for bringing these slides up. YES, very big deal too me. Early design Vette, not making any statements of fact on this topic, but Ben may have been a part of why Zora and Harley went racing. VERY interested to know which tracks the vette's were at? WE found, what look to be, Marilyn Monroe sitting in Bens Speedster>> BY CHANCE< JUST LIKE THIS !!!!!!!! Long story with many details that seem to change history as written in many ways, have to be careful. Few points : Harley's son, Austin Healey I believe, raced at every track Ben officiated at, Harley and Zora delivered a special one off vette to ben out of the design studio, believe Harley and Zora were stock holders in Road America because of Ben,ey they brought concept cars to the Inguinal race at Road America. Vette pit next to Arnolts pit, Michael Arnolt, Wacky's son, did send me pics, Ben at Sebring, staying in Wacky's Tower he owned & reassured me Wacky was a stock holder in Road America, just like Ben, MUCH MORE. Matter of fact, this surfaced yesterday; should be a good READ, AS BEN is on the front cover throwing the flag with his buddies going by at 130 mph>> Ben was nominated for this HONOR. Have lined up persons to look at Gordon Buehrigs original manuscript at the ACD Museum, Bens Speedster was in it. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i am very interested to find out what you un -earthed >>> one car guy to the next, thank you. A writer would be nice, she will be working with hard docs and facts, no heresay or B/S. John BEN PICTURED INAUGURAL RACE TRACK OFFICIAL< WONDER WHY THAT WOULD BE ?????????????????????
  11. Padgett, Thanks for the info, I will follow up at the ARCF. Have done some research at the REVS Institute. Collier was a very important man in the early days of SCCA racing. Ben's stone is being placed in the same Walk of Fame as Colliers. Those early days and racing must have been fantastic.
  12. 1952, Carroll Shelby's first road race >>MG Topping the block at $313,500 was the 1949 MG TC Roadster Race Car driven by the legendary Carroll Shelby in his first road race in 1952. Auction was 2008. Wonder what its worth now? Lots of history.
  13. Playing with Brass, thanks for filling in more history of the Pope Hartland race car. Here is one for the books, Henry Ford in a race with Alexander Winton. Not sure of date or location. Picture credit, Smithsonian.
  14. Allard, Fred wacker.driving. ? 1953 I would have to check, but I think Gen LeMay maybe owned crazy 8?
  15. 1958, Scarab Lance reventlow. one of 8 built His mother was heiress to Woolworth family fortune. on display at revs Institue, Florida
  16. General LeMay. Head of the Strategic air command. He worked heavily with the SCCA base races before they were stopped. Kimberly campaigned hard to keep them, but lost the battle.
  17. 1953 to my best knowledge, Jim Simpson OSCA SS credit o etceternie
  18. Play with Brass, thanks for completing the History on dePalma's car . 1910 Pope Hartford race team car.
  19. Had to ask, >> have gotten used to that over the past 32 years. I did finally, after about 5 years, make contact with Michael Arnolt. He has all ready sent me some pics of Ben and Wacky at Sebring. I think I will try a club in Indiana, just a loose end that I have wanted to tie up.. Thanks, John
  20. Peter, I was wondering if you knew any members that live by the ACD Museum? Can't think of the curators name right now, but he gave permission for me, or a rep to view Buehrigs original manuscript for his book. Matt Short was the Curator for a number of years, and we exchanged info on Ben & Gordon's correspondence. I have good information that Gordon wrote about Ben's Speedster in his original manuscript. I sure would like to find out what Gordon said ?. Long history between the two, Ben was the best man at Gordon's wedding, and were good friends for 50 years. Please let me know if you know anybody that would extend their time to sit down by their vault, and read. Respectfully John 217-734-9400 Nebo Illinois
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