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  1. I have a 39 pontiac coupe, does any body out there have any pictures of the hardware used to attach the hood sides, just need to see what attaches them so I can build a set since there isnt much out there for parts, thank:)
  2. Have a 39 pontiac coupe, looking for pontiac front grille nose emblem and also looking for the chrome trim pieces that go on the louvers of the hood sides, any help if there are reproduction parts or am i SOLl!
  3. Anybody know if a 1939 chevy coupe radiator wil bolt directly into a 1939 pontiac coupe, cant find an aftermarket aluminum radiator for a 39 pontiac but they do sell one for a 39 chevy, any info would be helpful thanks!:cool::cool:
  4. Anybody know who might make a front bug screen/fender bra for 39 pontiac coupes?
  5. Any body know of companies out there that would make a front fender bra/bugscreen for my 39 pontiac coupe, thanks
  6. Thanks Todd, really appreciate all the helpp I have had on this site, thanks again!
  7. Really appreciate all the info, seems as if pontiacs of this era are fairly rare, Thanks Pete!
  8. Really want to know if the the rear roll pans that I see for sale for 39 chevy's would work on my 39 pontiac, it needs to be replaced.
  9. Body# 2994 Style# 33-2527B Trim# 70-1V Paint# 51D Would appreciate any info on these numbers off the firewall trim tag, Thanks
  10. Was wondering if anybody out there knows of reproduction parts being made for 39 pontiacs, also info on decoding trim tag on firewall, thanks
  11. Was wondering if anybody out there new of reproduction parts for 39 pontiacs. Also decoding the trim tags on the firewall. Thanks
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