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  1. I have a Chandler Hub Cap for sale. It appears to be from 1916-1921. Has fine threads and is in very good condition. Not dented, scraped, etc. Could be polished by the new owner to look like new I believe. I can send pictures if you wish to look at this hub cap. Just send me your e-mail. Price is $85.00 plus shipping.
  2. Hi folks, I am a new member to the forum. My connection is first that I am a lover of mechanical things, grew up holding the flashlight for my Dad and today can fix many things. His folks had a Chandler though I don't know what year. It was an open touring car. I ended up with a hub cap, just one by some means through the years. It has threads inside I assume are used to attach it. I don't have a use for it and have thought about selling it. Do these have any real value? Thanks for your reply. Roger Coble Birmingham, AL.
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