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  1. Huge auction coming up... bring a trailer.. and tell your friends... all welcome!!!! they are coming out Monday to do a drone flyover.. and it will go live soon... online/onsite live bidding, 52 buick special, 57 caddilac, t-birds, studebaker, dodge trucks, wwii stuff,, partsJuly 1st Friday preview. 10-4July 2nd, Saturday 10am, Grove City Ohio 43123 (Columbus)DAF Auctions: click on photo linkshttp://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctio...&category=0Rawn Auctions:http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctio...&category=0additional photo link:(more photos coming weekly)http://www.auctionzip.com
  2. not sure on year?? 48? more pic here: IH METRO VAN pictures by meatball427 - Photobucket
  3. i have one,, but will be listed on ebay this weekend, just pulled it out yesterday., motor turns over jc -ohio
  4. use searchtempest for CL SearchTempest craigslist Search - All of craigslist. One Search. easy to use,, put in your zip code,, and how many miles you want to search out from,, you can also tailor it to your needs,, like no ebay etc....
  5. my friend and shipper lives in cali, and comes to ohio about once a month, dean is his name,, call him dean 909 996 2710 , by the book, dot approved!!
  6. this is the only thing questionable ""Original flathead and 4 speed are intact and pretty complete. I believe it to be an Olds engine."" how can it be an original GMC motor, and be a OLDS??:confused:
  7. here's mine!! what are you interested in, i have posted several cars for sale jc:D
  8. looks good,, thanks for offering it to US,, or to some who may want to restore it back to original!!! Thanks for offering it!!! LOL
  9. does he have any WWII army stuff?? halftracks? jeeps? cckw's? dukws? scout cars, dodges?? and 39-47 dodge trucks? powerwagons?? lol jc:D take lots of pics!! and keep posting!!! pics 6 has a 39-40 GMC 1-2 ton yellow truck!!! sweet!!
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