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  1. oh cool. I just bought car last week. I will get back to you. thank you soo much
  2. do you have any good lights, trim or hood ornament? dash stuff? thank you
  3. I need parts for 35' commander. whatever you have I would like to know what you have. thank you
  4. still for sale or interesting trade and cash
  5. That's awesome. i got from a guy named javier in las vegas,NV. I didn't know you still came to this website. i love the car but i gota sell it , i have too many projects going 36' ford 3 window, 39' mercury coupe. i will have to edit my post to say Iowa. thanks
  6. original 1939 lincon zephyr v12. a true survivor, here after 35 years in a barn in Iowa. original condition never restored, it's like stepping back in time! please call jason for info. 714-718-1676 or rotten3054@yahoo.com
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