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  1. I watched the video and I didn't see anything in that looked like it would increase the tension of the fabric on the top. Now I have done a convertible top it was on my wife's 99 mustang, of course I did a lot of research on the subject which included different brand vehicles, and the fabric pretty much fasten to the frame for the top the same way for all the vehicles that I looked researched. Now I don't know what the condition your top is so its up to you if you want to do this. Now the fabric gets the tension basically from how far it is wrapped around the front header on the top. But here
  2. I have always believed to use the plug types that the engine was designed with no matter what brand vehicle but that my opinion
  3. Yea it would be a great garage but right now it has to stay as a roller rink the fire doors are just big enough to get the cars in LOL
  4. Hi Reaper1 nope didn't roll the dash I have a 90 deg philips screwdriver it is kind of a slow proses too get the screws out and in, the amp is under the storage box were the factory cd player would be the amp is only 6.5x4x2 so it fit nice
  5. some day I will live were the weather is nice all the time but tonight sever weather here in Wisconsin so need to make room in the garage for the other cars but the toys are safe and sound
  6. No big sub the 4, 6.5 Pyle speakers are what they call mid subs they don't have the real big base like the 10 and 12 inch subs but do put out really nice base they do have cross overs to filter out the highs
  7. TC Stereo upgrade Jensen vx3012 head, sound storm s7eq 7-band graphic equalizer and a Jensen KAC_M3004 600 watt amp
  8. Up date what I found was the problem was the speed sensor even though the speedometer still worked it turned out the sensor wasn't putting out a strong enough signal once I replaced the sensor the odometer work great
  9. Nice I'm working on a up grade myself
  10. If you have a gage to check the fuel pressure start there I have to agree with Hemi the fault may be false been the ecm might not have been getting the right voltage sense the engine was running sporadic and check one more thing I don't know how old your battery is but I had a one go open on me while driving and the car did the same type of symptoms
  11. Help I have installed the new gears in my odometer WITH OUT ANY LUBE I do have 2 speedometer heads and I put new gears in both I tried to make sure that both were clean of any broke gear fragments and any other foreign objects by air blowing them out. Now to the trouble I'm have is they work only for a few miles one of them did work for 200 miles, I did disassemble and checked them out multiple time and still the same problem has any one else had these issues and any suggestion's Thanks GregTC
  12. How bad is the dent would it be more cost effective to have it fixed
  13. I ran across this photo in my phone, I bought this car 4 years ago ( 1989 2.2 sohc) last spring I had to replace the head gasket and been that coolant made it way in to the oil I decided to pull the oil pan to clean the pan and the lower end. if you look at the photo you can see the old oil residue in the pan and that was after soaking it for 24 hours in heated solvent, so keep that oil changed.
  14. Just got new gears for my odometer what type of grease is recommended ? Thanks
  15. ok not that far maybe once winter decides to be done we can meet in Madison some were that's about midway between us
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