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  1. I have some specific pictures of this one, ie: tag on firewall, number cast into engine, spare wheel on driver side, and view of interior from passenger door. I'll try to get a few wide shots this weekend when the weather clears a bit. Thanks for the help Mark.
  2. There is a tag located on the firewall that says FHC 654 if that helps. Also it is a 2 door, with steel spoke wheels.
  3. I'm assuming all of you have an antique or classic vehicle of some sort. There is a small company in Grand Rapids, MI that I've been dealing with a lot lately. The name is Northwestern Auto Supply. You can find them online at Northwestern Auto Supply, Antique Auto Parts, Old Car and Truck Parts For Sale, Engine Parts, Grand Rapids, Michigan They do ship world-wide and they have just about anything you can think of for vehicles, other than any body. They DO NOT deal with body stuff. They even have a complete machine shop where they do everything right there except for turn cranks. I was surprised to learn that they even do babbiting yet. If you're restoring a vehicle back to it's original glory, there's nobody else I would turn to. The employees are a wealth of knowledge, and learn as much as possible about your problem to be sure they don't sell you the wrong part. In short, these guys truly care about the customer. They don't want to see you buy the wrong part EVER. They take pride in what they do.
  4. I'm a new member to AACA and my father and I are beginning to restore his 1929 Studebaker. I'm simply looking for advice on how to go about this project. Don't want to go into something this big completely blind. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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