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  1. Thanks for the leads. Windlace is something new to me. I did not know what it was called.
  2. I will contact them today. THANKS VERY MUCH
  3. I have a 1933 dodge 4 door sedan. I would like to know if anyone can help me with what product to use for weather stripping? I do not have any on the car to use as samples. Does anyone have specific numbers and manufactures that I can contact. I have Metro Moulded Parts Cat. and Steele Rubber Cat. but no actual part numbers for my car. Thanks Ian
  4. I BOUGHT DOOR TOP RUBBER FROM ANDY BERNBAUM AUTO PARTS NUMBER A 341f. THEY CANNOT TELL ME HOW IT FITS! The doors seem to fit very nice and them space around the door when closed looks very even. The problem is the wind is very noisy in my ear that is right at the seem. There seems to be a large gap between the door and the frame. There does not look like there has been any body work done around the doors. The car was a barn fined. THANKS VERY MUCH FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS, IAN
  5. I HAVE A 1933 DODGE 4dr sedan. I bought door top weather stripping rubber to stop the wind a the top of the door. Can anyone tell me how it fits? The parts seller do not know.
  6. This 4 door master deluxe has been restored and only needs a new home. wighthouse@telus.net
  7. Any idea where I could find photos? I have tried Dodge Brothers. Would same part be from Plymouth of that year?
  8. Can anyone tell me if this car had a luggage rack that mounted on the back? I would like to add one to my car. If you have photos, that would be great.