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  1. For those of you who shop iTunes for your music did you know that you can buy sound effects including race cars??? Search "sound effects" and there are albums and single clips with top fuel, and a variety of other racing tracks. I've bought a few and extended that to incude a P-51 Mustang ( the ultimate hot rod). When you set your iPod to shuffle and randomly play music you'll get a quick blast every once in a while from an engine at full bore.
  2. A visit to a restoration shop by our car club revealed this gem. The emblem in hand was created by 3-D printing at a cost well below finding and restoring an original. The trick is have someone with the skills to draw the item up.If I remember correctly the material is a combination of stainless steel with a bronze ally which explains the coloration on the piece.
  3. Yeah, thanks to all who do the work at Hershey. We have attended for years but this was our first year with a vendor's spot. Sales were good, we made new some friends and all of our vendor neighbors were great. Nice folks on row CK in the Chocolate field! We're looking forward to returning as a vendor next year. The rain late on Friday gave us an excuse to head to the museum and that was also a treat. Again, good work by all involved.
  4. I can testify to all of the above. I just ruined a rear drum on a Studebaker by using a puller that grabbed the outside diameter of the drum. It bent the drum. And yes, the dry taper is also true. The last guy that had my drum off used anti-seize compound. I am now the proud owner of a hub puller and a spindle thread chasing tool. Both were purchased at a reasonable price on eBay. Beside ruining the drum I wacked up the first few threads on the spindle. Having the correct tools is half the battle.
  5. Yep, we make it out to visit family and spend Saturday at the show. The girls head to the craft show and the guys get to wonder thru the cars and parts all day! Always intersting cars and trucks there and the featured vehicle display is always well done. Nice job to the folks running this show. Butler Old Stone Region AACA.
  6. orphaned but cared for by a kindly woman.
  7. All 5 Butler Pennsylvania built vehicles: 1909 Huselton, 1922 Standard 8, Austin, Bantam, and the Bantam Recon (Jeep)!
  8. "newest" was the name in my PM box and I see it's marked as banned so thanks to whoever figured out who this was.
  9. My recent contact with regard to a Want to Buy ad 0n the AACA forum came by private message from someone using the name Ronald Jenkins. He has asked that I sent a Money Gram to an address in Telford, UK to pay for a part he claims to have. The whole thing smelled from the outset and the most recent email asked me to send the money to his wife, Harriet, at the address given. The house address is listed as "For Sale" on a British website so I assume they're using it as a mail drop. Hope old Harriet's not out waiting by the mailbox!
  10. I recently posted a Want to Buy ad on this forum for a rather obscure part and got a response rather quickly. "Seller" asking me to send a Money Gram to the UK. The message came in the form of a private message. So, after doing a little research on these forums I have decided that this too is a scammer looking for a money order for a part that will never arrive. Beware because they are out there and you never know where they are looking for the next victim.
  11. Wanted to buy for a 1961 Studebaker Lark a heater control valve that mounts on the firewall under the hood. This is cable operated and doesn't appear to be common to other Studes. Part number is 1552367. I'll take NOS or used. Also anything else for the 61 Lark you may have for sale considered. Thanks.
  12. I have a steering wheel reported to be from a 1930 REO truck. Send me an email at lindnerw@zoominternet.net and I'll shoot you off a photo and description.
  13. We're headed over on Friday and stopping on the way to look at a convertible for my wife. If it doesn't work out we'll be in the Car Corral on friday afternoon looking for a nice convertible also. Hope ther corral is full of nice stuff!
  14. 1957 Pontiac full set (4) of full wheel covers. Been stored since the 60's and I'd call these driver quality. $25 to a good home and we can work out shipping cost to wherever you are. Bill 724-789-9375.
  15. Selling a nice wooden steering wheel reported to be from a 1930 REO Speedwagon truck. Then hole thru the center is 3-5/16" diameter. 99% of the paint is worn off and the wood is good. Could fit other commercial vehicles? I bought this for a wall hanging and am ready to sell if someone actually needs it to steer their vehicle! Asking $150 and can set a shipping charge based on location. Thanks.
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