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  1. David, I too had a weak burn out till I read up on my he fabulous ST400VP transmission that our 65 came with, get a toggle switch cut into the top wire that goes from the trans detent , pull the plug on it and you will see two blades like this _'_ the top blade is the + Kick Down passing gear for the trans , cut into that wire run it to your dash and hook up the other side to a 12 v source, these trans were the best ever made 400 with a high stall low stall dual converter. It's like an extra gear , in a dead stop once you flip that toggle it flips the angle of the stator blades in the converter multiplying the fluid and torque. Believe me on the next burn out you could sit there and burn off the tire if you want.
  2. Welcome to the club, IMO you have the best Riviera ever made, enjoy!
  3. I have Best gaskets on my build, they are steel showing around the cylinder rings about 1/4'' and fiber gasket covering the entire gasket.
  4. first off a happy new year to all, I seem to be in the same boat, I noticed the egge .030pistons somewhat in the bore plus using the best gasket will also cut down on compression. the head I have were resurfaced as well as ported , the cam I chose was a isky 270 int dur 280 ex dur .469 int lift and .496 ex lift. on a 110 LC , my question is this do I need to check for valve to piston clearance or is there more of a gap now. Im also using adjustable pushrods on this build.
  5. I Wonder about the antenna switch, since I removed the antenna could this switch be used if wired properly to open and close my electric sunroof?
  6. That concept would of been an ultimate Riviera , just like the boat tail , I've also saw a 1st gen Riv with a boat tail , that also would of been awesome , what I like about this one is it keeps the nailhead, now that's class for a newer build custom
  7. Ed, Using a smaller Sanden 508 compressor, not using that rear bracket, Roadshshark the coating on the intake and exhaust manifolds are ceramic coated, has the look of polished aluminum, you have to ground down and sand the manifolds real good and smooth before you coat them
  8. Started assembly , cleaned block torqued heads and cap block bolts, installed cam, need to get some break in oil set lifters and pushrods
  9. Starting assembly of 425 , torqued heads and cap bolts on block
  10. I am attempting to skin over these lower arm rests with real carbon fiber, will let you know when I start.
  11. napa had the ones I needed,m $10 for a 6 piece pack ,
  12. Marvels mystery oil will do exactly the same thing and is good for lubricating the top end
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