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  1. Thanks LOZROCKS. that site has helped me already.
  2. Yeah its an australian made one. Thanks for the tips on where to start looking though. Im already getting a few smaller parts shiped over from the US so we will see if they fit.
  3. Thanks Commodore. Those links will give me a great start. I will post some pics when i get some.
  4. Gday all the way from australia. I have recently purchased a 1958 desoto firesweep and am restoring it. I seem to be having a bit of trouble finding anyone here(australia) who knows anything about them so i thought i would ask you guys. I need a couple of things to start with 1: front and rear windsheilds? Is there any other model that uses the same glass pattern? That will make it easier to source one! 2: Chrome trims on the sides? Where could i get these from? is there any where in the states that makes them? 3: Windscreen, doors actually all rubbers for the car? Anyone know where i could get them from. 4: Finally I am chasing control arm bushes upper and lower? Are these the same on any other car to make them easier to get? Or maybe they are easy to get over there, either way does anyone know? Thanks guys, Any help would be much apprieciated!!