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  1. I also would be interested in the tonneau cover. I just saw a 2002 or 2003 Thunderbird with the rear seat Tonneau Cover. It look good.
  2. Just to let you know what the real world is about. The former owner has purchased the replacement leather some years ago through the Club. So the replacement leather came with the car when I purchased it in 2011. This past spring I found a leather worker to redo both seats and the console cover. It took about a week and at a cost of $1,000. Now I have a showroom condition interior It was well worth the expense. If you are going to do it, do it right. Member #1533
  3. Annually many of us get together at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, PA this year there were 17 TCs represented at the meet in July. The next outing will be July 11-13, 2014 we would expect about the same turn out.
  4. A couple of weeks ago I bent the automatic antenna. it does not go up or down do to the crimp in the mast. I went through the news letter and from Crutchfield purchased replacement mast item#12044R22 and tried to use with the original antenna the replacement mast was larger than the original and would not fit. I then purchased also from Crutchfield the replacement Antenna Item #PW22 and found that that is wired different and does not have a relay switch in it like the original of course the wires are different colors and we can get the antenna to go up and down on the bench but not installed. Has anyone replaced the mast or complete antenna. If so what is my best route.
  5. Just to let you and the group know I am having the seats and arm rest done next week. When I purchased the car in 2011 the former owner has purchased the leather skins in the early 2000s through the club and never had the seats redone. I have contracted locally here in Central New York cost for the job with my leather skins $1,100. I did some looking around and checked the quality of work available and thought this was my best deal. I will post the outcome! Our 1990 TC Member #1500
  6. I would make offer $100 for both rims and center caps. where in New York are you located. If deal I would pick up or pay shipping.
  7. I figure I will be able to find a wheel. I have the umbrella. Tool kit I expect will be somewhat hard to find at a price. thanks for any help Floor mats i know I will find at some point.
  8. My plans are to be their. I am located in Syracuse,NY and have 1990 Yellow / Saddle /Saddle 54,000 mi, originally in AZ owned for a year. This will be my first Carlisle. will be looking for wheel, tool kit, floor mats. Also looking forward to meeting other members.
  9. Same problem on my 1990 and found that WD-40 carefully applied has fixed the problem for the present. Make sure the lock is tight in place.
  10. I am located in Syracuse, NY have 90 Yellow owned over 1 year.
  11. The replacement leather for the seats came with the 1990 TC that I bought. I have talked to a couple of shops about recovering the seats and found pricing to be $450 to $550 per seat. Has anyone redone the seats and if so do you think the cost quoted is reasonable.:confused:
  12. New here, I bought me 90 TC in June of last year. It has been nothing but a joy. Brake system would be most important to check. Even after having a brake job done early on I burned up a brake caliper and it was expense.
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