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  1. Gents, I really need your piece of advise... Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi! Here's my baby living in Moscow, Russia... More pictures available on the instagram @autoheritage.ru
  3. Dear gentlemen, This 1971 Riviera needs your support - could you please tell me the exact part number of the original console transmission shifter cable (see pic attached) or any substitutes that would fit properly. If possible please advise on your source for this kind of parts (pls provide a link) since I can't find a 100% right part on the web. Do the universal shifter cables work in this case? Does anybody know the length of the original cable? Thanks!
  4. Dear Gentlemen, I am looking for a 1971-1973 big Buicks instrument cluster core - please see the picture attached. Should you have one please let me know. Thanks & Regards, Vadim.
  5. Dear guys, Please let me know if you have any of the following parts for a '71 Riviera that you would like to sell: 1. Top divider moldings (both) (pic.1); 2. Instrument cluster (pic.2); 3. Interior light lens (pic.3). 4. Exterior door handle (driver side); 5. Belt cover on the floor (without belt) (passenger side, pic. 4) Or would be grateful if you could help me to locate some. Regards, Vadim.
  6. Hi, 1971 Riviera on Russian soil. Not perfect but the restoration process continues...
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