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  1. LC, I just saw this old note you posted back in 2009. I'm not buying, but I can maybe help you to identify that bike of your grandfather. If you get a chance to take some photos can you post them or email them to me at pyoung AT 614engineering.com. I'm particularly interested in the very old and very odd machines. Regards, Pete Occhio Lungo | FUN STUFF FROM 100 YEARS AGO
  2. Hi Steve. There are several Sears bikes still around. There is a V twin that goes on the Atascadero ride in May, not every year, but occasionally. And Matt Olson built up a complete bike starting with just a motor 2 years ago. Here is his build up: Put the Huffle in the Shuffle: post number 133 and check for the earlier 132 pages of build notes. I have some photos of Sears bikes here: 2011 Bud Ekins Memorial Tour, Atascadero, CA part 2 « Occhio Lungo and there is a photo of what I was told is the only remaining Sears single cylinder bike here: Some old motorbikes « Occhio Lungo I don't
  3. It does look like a typical forecar of the era. I have a lot of photos of them; those things fascinate me. But I'm not sure if I can post pics. I'd love to see more of your setup if you can post more photos. regards, Pete
  4. wow George, it looks like a great project. Did it sell at the ebay auction? regards, Pete
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