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  1. A couple notes here. Hemmings wasn't associated with the Bennington Car Show for its last several years, after the Chamber of Commerce took over the show. The last several iterations of the show took place at Willow Park. Whether it'll come back is up to the Chamber of Commerce. I highly doubt a Hemmings employee told you that nobody is interested in any sort of old cars. We celebrate every aspect of historical motoring and don't turn away any any make or model. That said, thank you for visiting Hemmings, and please do try to make it up to one of our cruise nights next year. Dan
  2. If you're a Hemmings subscriber, you can try the Hemmings Parts Locator service: https://www.hemmings.com/parts-locator/
  3. Hemmings takes a big-tent approach to the hobby, and our cruise-ins reflect that approach. All enthusiasts are welcome, regardless of what it is they're enthusiastic about. Yes, we do get people who show up in late-model cars - mostly modern muscle cars - but by no means are they the majority.
  4. Sorry to hear you turned around and missed the event. Yes, we typically get some folks who show up early to grab the shady parking spots - more of 'em if the weather's super-nice. If you do have special needs like weak headlights, let the folks checking you in know so they can try to get you a parking spot toward the front. Hope to see you and the Packard next time! dan
  5. True, the data for most commonly listed cars on Hemmings is merely a proxy for popularity, but it's also the best data we have access to - state-by-state registration data is unavailable due to privacy laws - and it's pretty good data, given that Hemmings caters to the entire collector car hobby and has done so for several decades now. That said, we have an awful lot of data at our fingertips. What facets of the collector car hobby would you be interested in quantifying with that data? dan
  6. We do restrict the last few months of our glossy magazine stories to paying subscribers. However, any stories earlier than that are available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Take a cruise through, for example, our Hemmings Classic Car archives prior to February 2017. https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hcc The Hemmings Daily (https://www.hemmings.com/blog/) is also 100 percent free to both subscribers and non-subscribers alike, as are our online classifieds (https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/).
  7. Victoria, not sure what your plans for those boxes and boxes of back issues are, but we often recommend to subscribers looking to "re-home" their back issues that they donate them to area veterans homes or high schools.
  8. We certainly weren't happy to discontinue Sports and Exotic Car, and that decision wasn't made lightly. However, while that magazine was not profitable, the company overall is and remains healthy. As for the transition to electronic media, have you visited Hemmings.com lately? We have plenty more to offer than just print magazines.
  9. Thanks! I'll pass on your compliments.
  10. Like I said, I'm no salesman. A lot of our overseas customers really like the digital versions of the magazines - postage sometimes cost more than the magazine itself!
  11. Your $5 is in the mail....
  12. We've discussed what value there might be in leaving online ads up beyond their expiration date in the past. Researchers would better be able to see trends in pricing. We could build more stories based on that expanded set of data. However, we'd lose quite a bit of revenue in renewals. We'll keep thinking of ways to make those ads available without losing that revenue.
  13. Yeah, as a general car publication, sometimes those segments like brass tend to get lost in the crowd. Could be, too, that brass cars aren't trading hands as much these days? dan
  14. Folks, thanks for all the comments, both good and bad. As I'm sure you're all well aware, the cost of business continues to creep upward, so we often have to make business decisions which aren't universally popular, but which are necessary to remain in business (and to support more than 100 jobs here in Bennington, Vermont). I'm no salesman, so I won't try to pitch you all on choosing Hemmings the next time you're buying or selling cars or parts, but I will echo what John_S_in_Penna pointed out: We vet every ad that goes into our magazines or online, something few (if any) other classified ad sellers do, so what you see in our pages and on our website are serious buyers and sellers and only serious buyers and sellers. In addition, we're always working on new ways to connect buyers and sellers and to make the relationship between seller and buyer even more secure. As for the editorial content, I sure hope y'all don't lump anything under my byline with the "fluff!" Admittedly, we're not perfect (who is?) and we don't know everything (who does?), but we have a great readership that keeps us on our toes, and hopefully out of the hundreds of pages' worth of stories we write every month, you find something that piques your interest. We do listen to all of your feedback, whether it's sent with a stamp, via editorial@hemmings.com, or in the comments to the stories on the Hemmings Daily or on our Facebook page. Daniel Strohl Web Editor Hemmings Motor News