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  1. Thanks for help I went with diehard platnium 34/78 instead
  2. Hows is going everyone just wondering if anyone running a Optima battery in the first gen rivi and if so what size. Thanks in advance.
  3. What should a 65 rivi 401 be set at for timing.
  4. whats the location of the #1 spark plug 0n a 65 rivi 401
  5. Yes have power to motor and checked it like Larry shows on youtube
  6. I know this has been asked before just cant find it. I Finally removed my non-functioning clam shell motor. I would like to to know what should be done to get it to work. I opened it up gears were stuck going to clean and re-grease. Micro switches are good. I also couldn't find anything on the RiviOwners Assoc. site either. I think just the cleaning and re-greasing should help.
  7. My freind ran across this site and told me about it im not looking for caps at the moment, but never hurts to have extra
  8. I was woundering if anyone out there done businesses with a company called hubcaps.com they claim to have all hub caps for rivis. I find that hard to belive they have a lot of bad reviews. Just want to find out first hand thanks.
  9. Thanks Tom, but I found one in the OPGI mag. $20 for kit.
  10. Hey Tom do you know where I can find either kit I would like to keep the look of external reg.
  11. i still have the hose lying around that i cut i can send you a pic if that would help.
  12. yes i was talking about the air filter sorry left the word filter out in last post. When i had this issue of air cleaner housing being a little to big for carter carb i cut a rubber fuel line hose down the middle long ways put around base of air cleaner worked perfect. $1.00 fix.
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