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  1. We traded Houk hub caps some time ago for my Daniels car. I have a friend who needs one or more hub caps for his 1914-17 Oldsmobile Six Speedster. Do you have any? Gunnar/Sweden
  2. Thanks a lot for all information about horse power! It was rather confusing for me when I found that my Daniels had tax hp in the Swedish vehicle register as US cars normally don't. So far I had only seen British, French and German cars with this kind of information. The Daniels were built in Pennsylvania, did they use the RAC formula?
  3. Hey Rob, The engine was in a shed and appears to be relatively unharmed. It's being rebuilt in a workshop now. Yes, engine parts are probably easier to find than Daniels parts. There has been 1916 Herschell-Spillman engine for sale in Australia recently. It was bought some years ago at Hershey. I had an ad earlier and got an answer from a Nigerian reverent who was working in England. He claimed he had a Daniels 1916 as everyday transport. He was going back to Nigeria and was prepared to sell the car or even parts to me! When I said that I had a large sum of money in my hand and just wanted his address to come and buy the car on site he just disappeared. There are obviously many crocks on the Internet. Thanks for the useful information!
  4. I'm restoring the remains of a 1916 Daniels Eight seven passenger Dual Phaeton an need among other parts radiator, gas/petrol tank and front wings/fenders. Anyone?
  5. Here are some pictures from when my Daniels was found. Most parts are actually there. Still missing are front fenders/wings, radiator and petrol tank.
  6. Thanks for the interesting information on Daniels! The Swedish Daniels which Leif has written about is mine. It's not a car, it's a large hump of parts in various condition. I've read somewhere that the RAC formula was used in the States. Have you ever heard of that? Sweden has never used any kind of horsepower for taxation as far as I know. Gunnar in Sweden