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  1. you'd be surprised what's in other people's storage...
  2. everyone who replied or emailed received pictures and all agreed it was in really good conditions despite 2 cracks near horn cap area. there is zero cracking elsewhere. the top half of horn ring is missing, it was broken off evenly and cleanly that i didn't know it was missing at first. also, mine is a red-maroon color and is kind of opaque when light hits it. thanks for the input though. all is appreciated.
  3. A lot of views, but only a couple replies... Thank you to Dee, and C. Douglas Johnson Jr. for their feedback. I now know what steering wheel I've got. Thanks guys!
  4. Hello, I came across this steering wheel in a storage auction last month. It says Lincoln Twelve on it and that's all I can really narrow it down to. Is it off a Zephyr?? Was wondering what kind of car it came off of if not. I have only seen 1 other for sale and the add didn't have any more details than what I have, just that it sold for a pretty penny.. I have no use for it, as I do not restore automobiles but have great respect for those who put in the time and $ to bring them back to life. my email is runninitback@yahoo.com if anyone can help or is interested in it. Thanks! For some reas
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