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  1. No, it's an all black car with a red and white interior. One black repaint, done poorly, and the interior is shot. Thanks. Kevin
  2. The car's been pretty well cleaned out of any clues. Even the old service station stickers are faded to white. The only clue left is it has a ragged KNAC "Pure Rock" 105.5 bumper sticker on it. That radio station used that sticker in the early/mid '80's in LA and may even be a knock off, who knows. I'll keep at it as time allows, should be fun.
  3. That's what I figured. I did a little research and it looks like the California DMV allows you to check registration history on a car you own. I may call them to see if that's possible, however if they're anything like the Ohio DMV they won't be much help, especially with a car this old. We have a good title for the car so it's not like we need to deal with that, it's just that both my son and I are history buffs and would just like to know. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it, Kevin
  4. We just bought a 1955 Super 88 built at the South Gate, California plant. The car has a clear Ohio title and a search of the Ohio DMV site shows the title transferring to the guy we bought it from and nothing before that. The car has been sitting for many, many years and is way too clean underneath to be ever driven in Ohio as in things actually unbolt from under the car with minimal fuss. The exhaust even unbolted. I believe it spent all of it's driven life in California or somewhere out west. Is there some way to track the car's journey thru the years? I'm not really looking for owner's name
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