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  1. I bought my tc about 7 months ago with 63000 miles on it love it it now have 71000 lol its a 1990 triple black i was told paid a grand for it the bes grand i ever spent the question i have is the man i bought it from just brought me the hard cover and its black with a tan headliner is this right its just looks werid should ir be black thanks for your help Bob
  2. replaced the old radio with one from a 2000 sebring it works great ty now i have a orginal radio to get rid of works great eats tapes sometimes lol
  3. thanks jim you have been very helpfull so its defintally worth the grand i paid for it with some wiggle room for repairs lol thank again bob
  4. thanks for your help ill have to check with some glass shops then top is in great shape hate to replae it and that sounds like a big job i there a way to find how many triple black were produced in 1990 thanks bob
  5. hi all finally got my tc out from the police auction impoud lot after a month of run around lol drove it home wow what a joy rides great best thousand dollar car ever pics to follow 63000 orginal miles was told by autioineer that it had about 10 k he was off a bit should of checked next time will lol has a smashed rear widow on the soft top wasnt like that when bought but happen in the lot are they easiy replaced and where to find them also can i replace the stereo with afermarket deck and keep the orginal speakers they sound great but need cd player thanks for all the help ok why wont it let upload pics
  6. I got it hot and either blew the head gasket or cracked the block started to replace the gasket and notice that the water jackets were full of rust so now I'm in process of changing the engine
  7. I'm in the process of removing the engine in my 85 riv I changed many engines in my life but this one got me stumped everything went fine to I got under the car and I never seen anything like this its my first fwd engine change so can anyone give me info on how to seperate the tranny or a web site the can instruct me thanks also I'm looking for a few parts for my riv I'm not sure what's there called but its the piece of plastic that goes between the front and rear bumpers any help will be greatly appreciated thanks bob
  8. Hi all new here but have a question what engine will interchange in my 5 riveria i was told only an 85 riveria would being its fwd its has a 5.0 ready to haul to junk yard lol thanks Bob
  9. Thanks ed i was told that a normal 307 wouldtnt work cause the car is fwd didnt make sense to me
  10. Hi all nice rivieras maybe you all could help me im in need of a 5.0 engine for my 1985 riveria or info on what engine will interchange with it thanks a bunch Bob
  11. Thanks to both of you for all of your help
  12. hi everyone i just bought a 1990 tc its been sitting for the last 12 years so is there anything i should check out before going on road trip the car is the v6 modle it has 10k on it iboughtit in a auction look like a new car but you never know i paid a thousad for it being a frist tme tc owener are these decent cars thanks for your help Bob