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  1. Thanks for the replies. I have a new relay, part 25553347 and a new switch 25533700. I just need to get the old switch off without breaking anything. Yeah, the pump works fine at ignition on, charges the system in about 30 seconds. Only when I'm out on the road, after a while, the pump doesn't seem to be able to keep up. I'll swap out the relay and the pressure switch and see where that gets me. I called my local Buick shop, but they don't have anyone experienced with these systems.
  2. I just purchased a 1989 Reatta with no apparent major issues, or so I thought. However, after driving the car for about an hour, the red brake light and the amber abs light will come on. The brakes still continue to work for a little while. I thought it might be the accumulator failing, so I replaced that. Then I drove the car to work, thinking all was good. On the ride home, there was a lot of traffic, so a lot of braking. The hydraulic pump motor was overheating, causing the pressure to be really low, so I had to take 15 minute stops to let the motor cool down. Anyone have any ideas? Is this a problem with the pressure switch over working the pump? Or just that the pump is so old it can't keep up with the braking? The computer also says the cruise control is disconnected, probably unrelated, but thought I'd mention it. My local Buick service shop is not familiar with the Teves brake system. So I'm looking for some help with making this car safe to drive.
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