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  1. "Cunningham" on side of wreck? Can't decipher hood or pennant (attached to windshield...)?
  2. Site "chuckstoyland.com" carries 2 postcards of Elgin driver Zengel with his mascot pig, "Sidney."
  3. Why have so many images been removed here and there; for instance, at the close of page 154? Certainly not a complaint, this is decidedly a great STRESS reducer! Thank you all. CCS
  4. Does anyone know what became of Smith Hempstone Oliver's archives? Among his photographs were images of James Melton's move of automobiles and "Jumbo" from Norwalk's Melton Museum to Hypoluxo's "Autorama." In the '80's or '90's, by way of photostats, SHO offered to rent the negatives for a sum beyond my means. Oh, the chances we let slip by!!!
  5. Are "cben09" and "1937hd45" still looking for listing of D. Cameron Peck October, 1949, auction? Just stumbled across one. Please advise.
  6. Where did it go after leaving Gene Zimmerman's "Autorama" in Harrisburg, PA?
  7. Where'd all of the pictures go in the first entries? None of the links from R W Burgess worked either! Whazzup?
  8. Nancy: Just stumbled on your request of a few years ago. I hoped I had a the requested shots from our visit to the Bridgewater Museum back in August, 1971. But, alas, only have a smattering, and the Henderson, is not among the slides. (I seem to recall the film in that camera jamming frequently; naturally this would be the moment!) Despite the chicken wire, my compulsive nature would likely have included same, but all I have (that is inclusive) is a list of the cars displayed on that day (including the Hendersons: "1913" and "1916," the latter likely being a 4 cyl. motorcycle. (And to think I
  9. Mention and some pix of the Binford can be found in the following: 7/51 (XII-3) 10/54 (XV-4) "Bulb Horn"s (with mentions of Schonberg and Garganigo), claiming a Jackson engine (!); and 4/81 & 9/81 "Cars & Parts." Autolit.com on eBay has had a photo of the car ("taken by Henry Austin Clark" at the Former (Goddard) Mohawk Trail Auto Museum in Charlemont, MA) in yellow. The museum also published a a Real Photo card in black and white of the 1905. None of the cards or photos I have are postmarked, so establishing a date of the Goddard Museum ('50's - '60's) is if-y! Last I knew (1990's)
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