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  1. When will nominees be notified of the final decisions?
  2. Charlie great setup. What were you pulling inside the trailer? Ed Nieves
  3. I usally just wipe down the thread of my tire with a wet rag just to get the dirt off and that helps plenty. I use a small amount of dressing, enough to give it a pop. I have never receive a deduction for this and the car is a Senior Award Winner. I think it's all about balance and what the norm (AACA) would consider good taste.
  4. Thanks Bob. Yes the e-tracks are great. I don't use the tire straps, but I just ordered some to see how they compare to rachet straps. I have four rings as well that I can use when necessary. Most of the wheel straps I have found are designed for verticle e-tracks. My Cadillac Eldorado weighs 3,700 lbs, so the Titan feels it, compare to when I pull my Corvette. I brought my Titan new in 2004 and I have yet to do anything to it, but change the oil. I think they are excellent trucks for the price.
  5. Bob, this is very nice. How much weight in total the Titan ends up pulling? Mine pulls well, but when I get up close to 8,000 lbs, I can feel it starting to strain a little. Ed Nieves
  6. Yes I have used it and it's great paint.
  7. I have trailered both my cars covered in my enclosed trailer and never had any problems. If the cover is not flapping, how can it be an issue? The car should be secure enough where it is not bouncing. Therefore, it would be no different than having your car covered in the garage. The only difference is it moving without wind impact. Ed Nieves
  8. I have a 20 foot slope nose trailer and I pull it with a 2004 Titan. It works for me. Made by United Trailers and purchased from Trailer World Inc. Nice low wheel well and side door makes it easy to get out of my Corvette.
  9. Thanks guys I appreciate your help. I guess I will compete in the Preservation category until I enter the Grand National. I just like getting out to the meets. It give me an excuse to take a vacation and of course, play with my toy. (lol).
  10. Once a car wins a Senior Award, other than the AACA Grand National, what other AACA Meets can it compete in? Is there a category to accommodate Senior cars?
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