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  1. 3 hours ago, Steve Moskowitz said:

    Contact Stacy Zimmerman at szimmerman@aaca.org or call 717-534-1910.  This weekend was the perfect example of why we came up with these signs which we barely break-even on.  We have always discouraged tents, signs and displays at our shows.  Why?  Accidents will happen.  A beautiful early car was damaged by a sign on an easel that blew down during a brief rain storm and damaged the fender.  The AACA signs couldn't hurt a flea. :) 

    Thank you Steve. 

  2. On 12/25/2020 at 1:43 PM, Mark McAlpine said:

    Hello Ed,


    I posted this response Wednesday on your same question under "Shows and Tours" and I'm re-posting it here to ensure you saw it.


    I don't know, but based on comments posted elsewhere on the Forum, I believe notification letters have been mailed out by AACA HQ.  If your vehicle was nominated for a National Award, you should receive a letter any day now.  If you haven't already received your letter, you can call AACA HQ to confirm this--I doubt that they'll tell you whenever your vehicle won or not, but they can confirm that the notification letters have gone out.


    Good luck!  Let us know the results.  Be safe, stay healthy, and have a Happy New Year!

    Mark, got my letter yesterday. Unfortunately, my car was not selected, but it was an honor to be nominated. I will be in NC for my Senior. 


    Thank you all for your insight. 

  3. I usally just wipe down the thread of my tire with a wet rag just to get the dirt off and that helps plenty. I use a small amount of dressing, enough to give it a pop. I have never receive a deduction for this and the car is a Senior Award Winner. I think it's all about balance and what the norm (AACA) would consider good taste.


  4. Ed, thanks and I historically pull between 6000 and 7500 depending on which car I am hauling. My I haul my 240Z it, the car only weighs about 2300 so I hardly know I am pulling anything. My 09 has a 9500 tow limit and I have the tow package on it so it has a slightly lower rear end ratio as part of the option.

    I like your eTrack system as it adds alot of versatility for tieing down a car and you can easily use the tire straps instead of hooking to the frame or suspension.


    Thanks Bob. Yes the e-tracks are great. I don't use the tire straps, but I just ordered some to see how they compare to rachet straps. I have four rings as well that I can use when necessary. Most of the wheel straps I have found are designed for verticle e-tracks. My Cadillac Eldorado weighs 3,700 lbs, so the Titan feels it, compare to when I pull my Corvette. I brought my Titan new in 2004 and I have yet to do anything to it, but change the oil. I think they are excellent trucks for the price.

  5. I have trailered both my cars covered in my enclosed trailer and never had any problems. If the cover is not flapping, how can it be an issue? The car should be secure enough where it is not bouncing. Therefore, it would be no different than having your car covered in the garage. The only difference is it moving without wind impact.

    Ed Nieves

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