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  1. I do have a guy that is suppose to fix the electrical and get it running, i did a concrete job for him last year but hes had things out of his control come up, so am just being patient. I would rather sell it and wait till he pays me cash, i wouldnt know where to start when it comes to straight eights. If someone can give me help with the remote starting and how to do it, i could probably post a video of the car running by the weekend. Thanks!

  2. I bought it early last year with the intention of it being a sunday car.(church). The guy that i bought it from said he rebuilt the carburator and suspension. He said he used to drive it around the neighborhood but that it smoked from that relay pictured. The battery that it had was bad and wouldnt hold a charge so i bought a rebuilt one from autozone (6v). The lights and gauges work but nothing under the hood clicks. The motor is not stuck, it easily turns. The distributor cap and wires seem new. The transmission leaks a bit but not much. The paint is just dull and has a dirt film from not being waxed in years but otherwise looks good. I bought the tires and hubcaps, total about 900$. Now am no buick expert but the interior looks good except for the upolsthery under rear window which is coming off in corners, as far as it being original i dont know but it sure looks nice, car does not smell moldy it has been kept garaged since i bought up until about 3 months ago when i put it on a car port at my sisters house.I have one emblem for the hood that at some point looks like it was put together with adhesive and is faded and yes its in the trunk. Car sits on jacks so tires dont go bad. Also i have the antenna. The passenger floor pan might need replacing it has rust going through not sure about drivers side but i would assume yes. Didnt see rust in the rear floor but i just took a quick peek. If you have any questions just ask, i try to be as descriptive as possible but i still have quite some ways to go before i win some awards.

  3. Would it be worth it buying a 49 ROADMASTER sedan that is missing the windows and water and dirt has gotten inside. I doubt that its restorable, but for parts? It still has the skirts and the body looks straight and has all the trim and Trany and motor still there. He's asking 400 for this car along with a studebaker of about the same year that has suicide doors in similar condition.

  4. did you ever sell the 51 buick and for how much?. just seeing what mine would go for. thanks ---oscar

    I have decided to sell my 1951 Roadmaster Riviera 4 Dr sedan. This is a very low mileage (47,500 miles) beauty in excellent original condition. I have set a realistic price of $6500.00. There are some extras that go with the car. You can contact me at bobnjanemo@aol.com. I will attempt to post a picture. If unsuccessful, email for pics.
  5. post-84395-143139171039_thumb.jpgThis car has had a new suspension put in as well as the carburetor rebuilt it last ran about 3 years ago. It has brand new whitewalls and all four hubcaps I have just bought a new long 6v battery and a lot of nos voltage regulators from eBay the interior looks marvelous as well as the outside 99.99 percent rust free other than the floor boards but even that is an easy fix, but just don't have the time. I want to sell it to someone who will restore it original and not a low rider or hot rod it. email me for pics ((july_93704@yahoo.com)) or I can text them. price is 4800 obo. I think price is a deal given the condition of the car. Car is blue with gray, all trim is there and has 80k miles. Am writing this on the fly so if you hace Q's text me @ 559907 five, zero, six, two. Thanks


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