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  1. Redrob the ornament i have is the helmet with centurion connected to it. Dont know if that was the piece you were looking for or just the helmet. Redrob leave me an email or number and i can shoot you a pic of emblem Smartin there is no stainless trim around trunk lid. Sorry
  2. Im new to the centurion world and thought they basically were the same car from 71-73. So i bought alot of parts that dont fit or came in a package deal. I own a 1972 and purchased a 73 rear bumper which of course doesnt fit.Then i found a guy in lubbock that had parts for a 72 and he sold me alot of stuff that i already had along with the front and back bumper which i needed. So here is my parts list excluding shipping set of black factory wheels w/o tires $300 decent condition a 71 grill. great condition $200 Door panel top and bottum and rear panels top and bottum.---gold and brown--$200 Back bumper filler (goes underneath the trunk)left and right side---$100 Gold 71 hood has crease on top right side(fixable)----$75 73 back bumper with lights (driver side was broke in shipping still useable) $100 I have a pair of the back corner pieces left and right---$100 I have a trunk lid with the grilles in it. Don't know which year that is . $150 The little storage console$100 Now i do have alot of little misc pieces that i will be taking offers on Seatbelts,interior trim,back quater panel light marker,driver side hood hinge, ash trays, back bumper brackets1973, and more. If you are looking for a small trim piece please email me as i might have it. My email is . It comes straight to my phone so i can get u a quick response. If you have a picture of a part u need email me the pic so i can match it and i will let you know. I leave my shop at 5pm central everyday. I will still take calls but cannot get pictures until the next morning. 214-554-2631 bubba Located in dallas
  3. No there is no aftermarket system in it. Autozone computer has this as the battery it calls for. I believe the starter is weak and i will try a different ground location and sand the spot down so there is a good connection.
  4. @ John yes i swapped a 1000 for a 1000 and it still gets hot. When i bought the car it had two grounds running to the battery post from the alternator bracket. The new ground wire which i believe is 4-6 guage is still getting hot. I will try a better ground on the block and frame with the star washers first. From there i will go to a high torque starter.
  5. Ok ground wire is new. No corrosion. Battery is new. Just swapped it out under warranty.. Now the car had 2 short ground wires connected at one point of time but they were getting hot as well.....smh..... Its the only thing keeping it from cranking.
  6. When its on the battery charger it has no problem spinning over. When its not on the charger the ground wire gets hot and it barely wants to spin over. It has an hei , i dont know if that makes a difference. Right now i have it grounded on the motor where the a/c bracket connects and the little thin ground to the chassis. It has a fresh 1000 cranking amp battery on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Also does anyone have the diagram setup for the starter with a hei swap.
  7. Hey guys my name is bubba. Pretty new to this forum and had a couple parts for sale. I have a 1972 centurion and have only had it for about a month and a half. Im a newbie to the centurion world and have been searching and ordering parts without doing alot of reasearch. So now im out of a little money and i have alot of parts that dont fit a 1972. I have a back bumper for a 1973. I have a grille and headlight bezels for a 1971. Some door panels. A trunk lid for a 1971.A hood that has some damage on the tip. I have a set of black buick factory rims all 4. Alot of interior pieces and chrome pieces. I can be reached at 214-554-2631 or It goes direct to my phone so i will answer quick. Thanks fellas. I can email pics and sms pics. just let me know what you are looking for
  8. hey man was interested in the stuff you have for the centurion. Please call 2145542631 bubba. Can we do a package deal