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  1. Dear fellow forum members, I have been trying to ID the motor in a midget race car probably around the 1940s in the attached photo. The closest Flathead 4 cylinder with similar side covers I could find, was a 4 cylinder Dodge, but the side covers on those are more rectangle, not as square. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You
  2. Wayne, the other fellow mrspeedyt posted that it may be A1 Auto Dismantlers now. I wonder if they had accumulated what was left of Tim's yard and still have some. It may be worth a try for any helpful person to drive by there and see what is going on now? Thanks Wayne
  3. Just another tidbit of info, Tim Brown Sr was the brother of legend and mysterious race car driver W.W. Cockeyed Brown who ran his machine works company in Kansas City. W.W. Was in the 1919 Indy 500 and also tried for 1915 but did not qualify.
  4. Interesting Mr Capone, did you know any of the Brown's there? I did some more research, seems Tim Jr sold it in 1974, not sure if to another family member or separate entity. Thanks for the replies so far.
  5. So it is still a junkyard now! I wonder if anything remains. Mark do you recall the old man Tim Brown? There was a Tim Brown Sr and Tim Brown Jr
  6. Does anyone here recall Tim's Auto Wrecking and Auto Parts that was on Pittsburg-Antioch Highway in California from the '40s-Mid '70s? Thank You all
  7. Located in Kansas City, asking $350. Great condition Borg Warner Overdrive 3 Speed Muncie Transmission with all the accessories and proper gear oil for overdrive housing. Special bracket installed and setup for Hurst shifter (included) Please email me at paikeaa@gmail.com https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8rZK8Mh4f1UQVhRaFpxazdBX2s&usp=drive_web Thank You Edit: SOLD! Thank You
  8. Can anyone here post photos of an original 1914 Model 24 frame, and are there any leads on where one could be found? Thank You
  9. The Besasie Barracuda may be on a '53 Corvette Frame. When first built it sported a Corvette 235 motor with the triple carb side draft intake.
  10. Turbo Supercharger is an old aviation term that Besasie also coined. The turbo supercharger does indeed function like a turbocharger, driven by exhaust gases, not belt driven.
  11. Heres a 1941 picture, a 32 Ford Roadster, may be a Willys 4 cylinder or a Ford 4 cylinder? Winfield Carb. Early adaption of Besasie turbo supercharger.
  12. Larry that is cool. Ray built 4 cars total, one had tiller steering. He was Brooks Stevens personal mechanic and his son's Ray Jr and Joe also worked for him. They helped Ray build the cars. The first and my favorite being the Besasie Barracuda. The Turbo Supercharger was started in 1939 and was actually adapted to more than just the Chevy 6 engine. Juan Fangio is said to have used one in the early South American Pan Am races in one of his Chevys before switching over to a Wayne 12 Port.
  13. After reading the Cad Fins thread, I wanted to post an advertisement I have for a man whom I respect named Ray Besasie. If you don't have anything positive to say please do not respond. Hope you enjoy!
  14. This is my beloved 1950 Chevy 3/4 ton 3600 that I drove for many years daily and 2 winters in the Rocky Mountains.. I pulled the black/Greg motor to inspect a vibration and checked dampner, suspect loosened front motor mount. Motor ran fine. Other motor is a 1955 235 setup for side mounts but great running motor. Both motors have 848 head. Have new radiator, assortment of carbs (Carter YF, Carter W-1, Rochester B's). Includes set of Fenton headers. Have extra intake/exhaust manifolds. Transmissions: Muncie 4 Speed Sm420. Good running condition, Torque tube style. 3 Speed Overdrive Borg Warner
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