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  1. does any one have 1941 Pontiac cowl trim pieces? aprox 3-31/2 inches long ..... any shape okay. mike. mikeestaley@gmail.com
  2. looking for left or right, front or back door for 34 ford, that is old , dented, rusted, and un-usable .... does anyone have a "throw away?" thanx.
  3. if you happen to live in ohio, there is a 40 behind a building up at Indian Lake that has been just sitting there for years.....
  4. fuel lines can be gotten from California Pontiac Restoration Classic Parts Catalog, 1926-58 catalog 3A page 60... looks like 47 had one 119" and one 122". mike.
  5. on ebay as of today there is a pair of NOS 1940's Pontiac gas tank straps.... i had seen them a month or so ago,.. knew they hadn't sold, and so kept watching knowing that the seller would likely try again...... i am thinking that 1941,42, 46, and 47 are the same (but don't bet on me being right)... good luck! mike.
  6. I am no expert.... and your car is 10 years older than mine, so I know nothing about your era car...... but I have noticed that NOS parts seem to come painted mostly black which hints that the extra parts around the engine were painted differently than the engine......... also:- since you asked for fiction, fantasy, or opinions.... my "opinion" would be everything will sure look better and more distinct if there is some contrast in colors under that hood, rather than everything being the same color....(?) BUT! it is your car and my real opinion is that my opinion doesn't count...... you have done a beautiful job on the car already and I am sure you will continue it's look by doing her up nicely!.............. good luck! mike.
  7. yesterday i just drove 6 hrs to see the pontiac museum myself.... glad i did!.... they have the most complete library you will ever run across, and the owner is real friendly and lets you go through any of the books you want to look at, as well as he finds extra books, magazines, and literature for you to view too..... right next door there is also a war museum that has all kinds of 1940 clothing and etc of interest too.... several other museums there too.... very nice! well worth the drive!
  8. there is also a pontiac museum in pontiac illinois that might be of interest to you (?).
  9. thanx!.. since it seems it just flops around and i feel no resistance when "jiggling" i believe that if it is suppose to have a spring as you suggest, the spring must be missing or broken.... i trust no one to play and experiment with it, but as time goes on i will figure it out........ thanks so much for the input.
  10. my 41 runs smooth and quiet, but it takes two of us to get her going... one to step on the starter, and one to "jiggle" the throttle shaft arm/fast idle cam on the side of the carter carb... when jiggling i feel no resistance, as if it is just loosely flopping (should it be?) ...... it starts right up again, as long as i "jiggle"..... but what am i to do when driving alone!?..... any one have suggestions as to what must be wrong? thanx in advance! mike.
  11. thanks... I have already been able to locate some now that i know their name(s). mike.
  12. what is the small hand strap that passengers hang onto when cornering too fast called? want is the long strap that attaches to the back of the front seat... for multiple users in the back called?
  13. i called them several days before posting and they said, "No".... but i think i will go in and look for myself....in hopes that they didn't know what they were talking about.... thanks for the reply and suggestion... i'll check it out. mike.
  14. Turns out I have been driving on only 2 of the 5 lug nuts on one wheel.... so I need three "left hand" or "reverse thread" lug nuts.... to fit 1941 deluxe 8 cylinder.... I am assuming that all 1941Pontiac body styles used the same lugs (?) It is amazing that I am having difficulty finding some.... does anyone have three they don't need? (beat up and rusty is fine)... thanx! mike.
  15. can't answer interchange question, but while searching for pontiac parts myself i did notice 4 different ebay trunk handles...... i just typed in 1940 pontiac trunk handle and up they came.... i am new to this forum and to 40's pontiacs and imagine you have already checked out ebay.... but just in case i thought i'd offer my small 2 cents worth of knowledge. mike.
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