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  1. No significant rust. Just screwed up rear fenders! The rest of the body is manageable. So what would you pay for this truck (I'm still negotiating)
  2. By the way, here are some pictures of the 1937 truck I am looking at. Appreciate any thoughts regarding general condition, etc.
  3. Thanks. This is a very cool truck. Did you have an opportunity to look over the pictures of the truck I am considering. Really love to speak with you about this project, if you might be so inclined. While I am very experienced with 1940's vintage Dodge trucks, it seems that the 1930 versions are a real challenge regarding parts. I am hesitant to buy the truck I located in Pittsburgh for the asking price as it needs quite a few hard to find parts. If you would consider a call, would really appreciate a few minutes of your time. My direct email is vicpanza@gmail.com. Thanks Vic
  4. I have a like new pass door and a boatload of other parts. Grills, nose pieces, door parts, wiper motors. Am trying to get pictures done this weekend. It's at my farm in Somerset PA. Not too far from MD Let me know if I can be of help. Vic Panza 724-625-4440
  5. Hello: i am very new to this forum and was wondering if I might get some advise. I have several 1940 era Dodge trucks, and have been looking at a 1937 MC. I took some pictures of this truck and am trying to attach. One point of confusion is that the dash has the two large gauge clusters that are correct for a 1938, but the VIN and engine numbers are correct for a 1937. I assume that this might have been late 1937 production and got a 1938 dash?? Or could it have been changed?? The grill is damaged and the front bumper is missing. The rear fenders are cut off on the front edge. Any thoughts about these parts, and overall value for this truck? Any thoughts will be appreciated. Vic Panza, Pittsburgh
  6. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Not sure I need front fenders, but good to know some may be available. Love to see your project if you have pictures to share. Thanks Vic vicpanza@gmail.com
  7. Hello: Was wondering if anyone might have a source for a pair of rear fenders for a 1938 1/2 ton pickup. Also need seat frames. Have a 1946 and 1947 Dodge truck, but this is my first of the 1936-38 era. Just starting to look for some of the larger parts. I have a number of parts for 1939-47 trucks, if anyone is looking for items. Thanks in advance for your help and consideration. Vic
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