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  1. I found this 1938 RC pickup over here in the Pittsburgh area. It had been restored but the building it was in burned, and as you can see, the truck was destroyed. I offered to post this for a guy who bought it, and then decided it was too much for him. I did inspect it a year ago when it was originally sold, and it's pretty bad. Bed is burned out, but frame seems to be OK. It would probably need just about everything, but might make a nice driver. The original owner told me that the title was also destroyed, but I could probably contact him and get a duplicate from PA DMV. If you are interested in this, please contact the owner. He told me he is looking for around $900. His name is Sam Barkley and his contact info is: 724-553-9933 or samjbarkley@gmail.com. He is NOT interested in parting it out. We are located about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. For anyone who is interested, I have a spare bed, motor and transmission for this truck. Could also help with restorable front fenders, and chopped up rear fenders. Thanks, and good luck! Vic
  2. Hi: Not sure if you got my response as I was out of town and trying to manage much of this on a smart phone. But to answer your questions, I have not done a compression check. Could possibly do this but need to mount it on a stand and fund something to turn the crank (starting motor is gone). Please feel free to give me a call if you have any other questions or care to discuss. Thanks Vic 412-956-2852
  3. vicpanza

    1937 Pt50

    Sorry. Don't have that part, but have seen them pop up on eBay
  4. vicpanza

    1937 Pt50

    Sure. Give me a call at 724-625-4440. After 6:00 PM (ET) is usually best
  5. I noticed an ad in Vintage Truck magazine for reproduction windshield regulators and crank hole covers for 1936 to 1938 Dodge trucks and cars. Spoke to the guy and he sent me some pictures which I have attached. If you have need for either of these, you might want to check him out. His name is Rick Milanak and his contact info is: dod318@gmail.com or 717-380-7365. He is in the Lancaster, PA area, close to Hershey.
  6. I noticed an ad in Vintage Truck magazine for reproduction windshield regulators and crank hole covers for 1936 to 1938 Dodge trucks and cars. Spoke to the guy and he sent me some pictures which I have attached. If you have need for either of these, you might want to check him out. His name is Rick Milanak and his contact info is: dod318@gmail.com or 717-380-7365. He is in the Lancaster, PA area, close to Hershey.
  7. Hi Tom: Thanks for your note. Just got in from vacation and wanted to respond to your note/offer. I would love to chat with you about the 1929 conversion. I am fairly knowledgeable about later 1930's vehicles, but first venture into 1929. On that note, is there a service or parts book that you would recommend. Have been looking at several from Faxon and other companies. Like to get some reference materials to review over the winter. Thanks Vic
  8. I agree with you on one thing, watching the Waltons does suggest you are losing your mind:)
  9. Still thinking about what to do with it. Really like the look of it as is. But you know how it goes. You fix one thing and the next thing you know, you have $20K invested in it:) I'm trying to finish my '37 MC so this one will sit in storage until next summer. Doing some research on it as I've never owned anything this old. It actually has a 1951 license plate and inspection sticker on it, which was issued before I was born.
  10. Yep. I love those big old headlights! The truck just has a cool look about it. Now, how many folks have one like this!
  11. I have a 1937 Royal engine and transmission available for sale. Serial number is C165865. It turns over and I believe it was running when pulled. I also have the transmission and clutch, but the bell housing is missing. I pulled the horn and oil filter (that are in these pictures) so please note that they are not included. The motor is located in Somerset, PA, just south of Pittsburgh. Please give me a ring if you have any interest. Any reasonable offer! Thanks Vic 412-956-2852
  12. Thought you might get a kick out of this. Appears to be a 1929 sedan that was converted into a pickup truck. Real Beverly Hillbillies deal. They actually did a nice job on the cab, and even used some old Sunoco cans to fill in the back, lower corners. Tucked it into the barn today and will be doing some homework on this. Never had anything this old, and my brother and I are hoping to rebuild the drive train, and leave the body pretty much as is. Got a boatload of original tools with it and will be getting some better shots of them. Have the generator and starting motor and other engine parts, but they were pulled off and assume they need to be rebuilt. .
  13. I have what I need. I had an extra set of gauges that I was restoring along side the original sets, and broke on of the glass plates for the speedometer. I was hoping to get both sets restored and sell one. The folks over here that can make the artwork for me are just too expensive, and it would not be practical to have the number plate made. So, will probably just sell if in pieces and put the broken plate in and let the next owner deal with it. Have a nice set for my truck. You have a flat number plate for the 37-38 speedometer laying around? They're easy to restore, and would may my spare gauge set complete. Thanks Vic
  14. vicpanza

    1937 Pt50

    If one's good, two are better:) I'm restoring a 1937 Dodge and the trucks are virtually identical, outside of the grills. In any event, I have some spare sheet metal including bed, tailgate (for a Plymouth truck) fenders and a few other miss. parts. I am in the Pittsburgh area, and happy to chat if interested. Thanks Vic
  15. Hi John: Glad to hear you are making these parts. I could use the "V" cross braces. Any idea as to when they will be available? I have a spare bed over here in PA, if you have any use for it. I just acquired a new bed that is in great shape (had been converted to a trailer and the cross braces need to be replaced). They cut the mounting brackets off, and I'll need to fabricate these as well. Be happy to speak with you about make these, if you are interested. maybe we could catch up some time. Thanks Vic
  16. Nice truck! I have a 1937 Dodge MC, and it's virtually identical. Happy to help you with parts sources. I bought a cloth covered wiring harness from Rhode Island Wiring and was very pleased with it. May have a bumper bar that is restorable. Also just bought another bed for my truck (had to do a frame off restoration) and have a very nice Plymouth tailgate that will be available in a week or so. If you care to catch up to compare notes, feel free to send me a private message and we can exchange contact info. Thanks Vic
  17. Thanks so much for the details. Seems like a long shot to bring this one back to life. Guess I'll concentrate on finishing the "37, and keep my eye out for a better 1929-30 model! Appreciate everyone's feedback on this.
  18. I have the chassis, drive train, suspension, etc. all done. These photos are a little old as I have a few more parts bolted on! Working on the sheet metal and have a friend at a body shop helping me. Taking longer then hoped, but the price is right. We essentially did an every nut and bolt restoration so far. Got a bit carried away, but expect to have a factory fresh truck when done. Even had the parking brake handle (top portion) nickel plated as it was originally. I am finishing up my gauge restoration, window regulator, and door remotes while waiting on the sheet metal. Seems like it's all down hill from here!
  19. Thanks so much for your note. If I am able to get this, will be in touch. We can compare our junk:)
  20. Thanks for your feedback. I am concerned with the condition and parts issues. Have been restoring a 1937, and that's hard enough! Appreciate your comments!!
  21. http://r.ebay.com/wNPrLc Have been looking at the 1929 (or so) truck on eBay. Interested in restoring and preserving this, but have never taken on anything this bad, or old! Was wondering if anyone out there has experience with these trucks, and any advice!
  22. By the way, this is one that I'm interested in. Just spoke to a fellow in town who may have a line on a bed! http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/4446634916.html
  23. Hello: I have been looking at early civilian Jeeps and was hoping to get some help. I've found several vehicles here in W PA that are very inexpensive ($1300 or less) and as you would expect, they are in poor condition. I like to buy this condition vehicle and rebuild it myself. I have experience in doing so with my old 1937 Dodge truck! I have found a number of suppliers of new parts, that are probably a bit too expensive for what I like to do. I like to keep restored vehicles as stock as possible. So, are there any used parts dealers in the PA/OH area that I should be aware of? Any good sites for used or NOS parts? I am looking at a 1946 CJ2A that needs most of the sheet metal replaced, and a 1950 Truck, missing the bed. Truck also has a Ford V8 engine, that I would want to replace. Appreciate any help as I start researching this project. If anyone is in the W PA area, and would be willing to give me some help walking through this mine field, will be most grateful!
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